Gameroni: Top 21 in 2010 - 17) Ys: The Oath in Felghana

2010 was a busy year and it saw the release of a bunch of great games. Staff and regular freelance contributors at Gameroni had the opportunity to play a wide variety of titles over the past 12 months and together we've compiled a list of 21 of our favorite games from the period. These are the ones that had the biggest impact on us, not necessarily the industry as a whole. We're sharing that list with you now, one title per day over a period of three weeks. Though there's only a loose order to this list, in general you can know that we liked games more as we work toward the number one selection.

Pat Floyd writes: "Shifted from sidescrolling to isometric perspective, Felghana represents what a "remake" really should be: a thorough re-imagining that retains the best, replaces the worst, and fills any gaps with awesome. The original began with heroic Adol and his friend Dogi entering a town; they were greeted by a cute blonde named Elena. Felghana begins with heroic Adol and his friend Dogi approaching the town -- they hear a female scream, and Adol rushes to the cute blonde's rescue from a pack of rabid wolves."

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