Every Extend Extra Extreme & Rez HD could come to PSN

So, Every Extend Extra Extreme is coming to Xbox Live Arcade this October. But XBLA isn't the only game in town! When asked whether Every Extend Extra Extreme would be coming to Sony's PlayStation Network, Q Entertainment's Tetsuya Mizuguchi said:

"We would like to."

What about Rez HD? Is that XBLA title coming to the PSN?

"We haven't decided yet."

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JasonXE3717d ago (Edited 3717d ago )

special about this game? Looks unquie... I didn't even notice this game because XBL gets a dozen arcade titles each week.

"Okay, E4 looks like it's PSN bound. And Rez HD? Fingers crossed PS3 owners, fingers crossed."

Thats a huge assumption considering he only said "We would like to" and "We haven't decided yet". It be cool to see this on PSN but doesn't seem likely for awhile after xbla release since they seem to still trying to figure out if they should port it or not.

nurayi3717d ago

both these games are music based shooters, meaning you control the sound and the visuals at once. There are different sounds when you shoot, and when you level up in addition to stronger weapons the music is more textured with each shot and each level. Its kind of difficult to explain, but if you play it you will immediately know if you like it or not. Rez is particularly gnarley when under the influence(think starfox on lsd). Rez is an cult classic and EEE is also Great. Rez is the main attraction though.

3717d ago
nurayi3717d ago (Edited 3717d ago )

I own and love both games. I could just play rez anytime on my ps3 (upscaled). But if its being actually reworked so its in HD instead of just the upscaled DC port, then I would probably get this. (even though the ps2 game cost me like $50 new because its pretty rare, its great that more people are getting the chance to play this)

vaan3717d ago

Rez is a fantastic game.

btkadams3717d ago

i want rez so bad. it will sell like crazy if they put it on psn