Rumor: FFVII: Endless Crisis, Kingdom Hearts for PS3 at TGS

With the approach of Tokyo Game Show which will begin on next 20 September for the press, here the last gross rumour goes back to it coming from the famous Japanese forum 2ch and which lists inter alia a new shutter entitled Endless Crisis Final Fantasy VII on PlayStation 3, like three new episodes of the series Kingdom Hearts to be appeared on PlayStation 3, Nintendo DS, and PSP. Nothing official for the moment, this information is of course to take with tweezers, we will know some certainly more in a few hours when the first information coming from the Japanese magazines Famitsu and Shonen Jump is disseminated. To follow.

- Endless Crisis: Final Fantasy VII (PlayStation 3)
- Final Fantasy XIII (PlayStation 3)
- Final Fantasy Versus XIII (PlayStation 3)
- Kingdom Hearts (temporary title) (PlayStation 3)
- Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories 2 (Nintendo DS)
- Kingdom Hearts 0 (PSP)
- Star Ocean 4 (PlayStation 3)

This is being translated from French to English from Jeuxfrance, which is citing their source as 2ch (2chan, a popular Japanese website.)

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ChibiSelz3716d ago

Is that what i think it is =o
Endless Crisis: Final Fantasy VII ,remake?
confirm it O_O

AznSniper3716d ago

who knows.....Squeenix has been denying a direct remake but they didn't deny a sequel so it's kind of credible

ericnellie3716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )

This is great news! I just hope the rumor turns out to be a reality. Kingdom Hearts + Final Fantasy = massive sales & Happy Gamers:)

spammy_nooo3716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )

FFVII: Endless Crisis -OR- FFVII: Endless RUNAROUND

seriously, if this is another 'fake' remake, I'm going to go crazy. I'm tired of them expanding the story when we can't even really experience the ORIGINAL in its deserved HD glory.

If this is just a title for a remake of the ORIGINAL, then I take it all back and am once again a happy, happy man :)

AznSniper3716d ago

Well once TGS happens no one will really know that the list is confirmed because it will be in the closed mega theater which really sucks. Let's hope for some leaks.

Zhuk3716d ago

hopefully not another half baked game with FFVII slapped on the side of it, we want a REAL REMAKE

cloud3603716d ago

No wonder the japanese hate the xbox360.............

Bye bye Xbox

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The story is too old to be commented.