PlayStation Store Update - January 18, 2011

US PSB: Toyota Prius has teamed up with LittleBigPlanet 2 to provide exclusive new content for the much anticipated LBP2, now available on Blu-ray. Look out for the all new Little Big Prius Level coming soon and stay tuned to find out how creating your own Prius level could win you a chance at some great prizes.

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DEADEND2467d ago

WOW PlayStation Plus members get ME 2 for free if I had known that I would have join a long time ago, I'll join in Feb since you get so many great deals.

Pillage052467d ago

umm..I think that's just a trial

siliticx2467d ago

Play as much as u can during 1 full hour
can purchase the game after and continue.

Raf1k12467d ago

Downloading 12GB to try it for an hour isn't something I'd be wanting to do TBH but from having played it already I can safely say that anyone who bothers to is most likely to purchase the full game so it's not all bad. 12GB is enough to put most people off from trying it though.

LtSkittles2467d ago

PlayStation Plus

Full Game TRIAL

Mass Effect 2 (Free and Exclusive to PlayStation Plus subscribers)
Entire Human colonies across the galaxy are vanishing. As Commander Shepard, you must assemble the galaxy’s deadliest team to save mankind against impossible odds. They call it a suicide mission. Prove them wrong. Now enhanced for the PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system with bonus content!
ESRB Rated M
File size: 12 GB

WildArmed2467d ago

You know, out of all the damn trial PS+ provided..
I havn't bothered w/ any of 'em.
mainly for two reasons:
It's never a new game :( So I've usually tried it before.
or the d/l is obnoxiously large, that kinda puts me off.
So far, it's been a combo.
I've played/own every game they've put up trial's for.
I"m waiting for the day I will be actually using this opportunity >.<

Neo Nugget2467d ago


Plus if I read it correctly, you have to DL the entire game again if you want to buy the full game.


WildArmed2467d ago

Yes.. yes you do..
if you decide to purchase it digitally >.<

Raf1k12467d ago

@Neo Nugget, if you've downloaded it and decide to buy it you won't need to download it again unless you deleted before buying.

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DEADEND2467d ago

Thanks for clearing that up guys but no need for the disagree lol.

Jezuz2467d ago

damn it you had my hopes up

Serjikal_Strike2467d ago

@ your comment below about free themes and dynamic themes ....the website is

Jezuz2467d ago

OMG YOU'RE RIGHT THERE IS FREE DYNAMIC THEMES :O This is awesome. +bubs for link

Serjikal_Strike2467d ago

no prob...and thanx 4 bub =)

hennessey862466d ago

and you yanks are getting a hell of alot more on psplus than us brits. Its a let down and if it doesnt change i wont be renewing my subscription

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thereapersson2467d ago (Edited 2467d ago )


I love Metal Slug games. X is one of my favorites, next to MS:4

Unrelated to that game:

Does Sony offer any free themes anymore, or have they pretty much made it known that they are going to push their paid content from now on?

espiritu6042467d ago

you can get free dynamic themes in a website using your ps3's internet browser. I paid 2 bucks for heavyrain dynamic theme only to find out i coulda gotten it for free!

Jezuz2467d ago

what's the URL of this so called free dynamic themes website?

rockleex2467d ago

Links or it didn't happen.

Lamarthedancer2467d ago

God I'm dreading to think what Europes update is going to be like.......shit as always

DlocDaBudSmoka2467d ago

does anyone know if modern combat needs the navigation controller or can u use the ds3 in place of it?

Qui-Gon Jim2467d ago (Edited 2467d ago )

All Move games can use the DS3 in place of the Navigator.

DlocDaBudSmoka2467d ago

i knew the early ones could. i didnt know if sony would make the nav. controller mandatory or not. +bubs

Qui-Gon Jim2467d ago

I'm sure they'll keep it as an option because if you try using the DS3, you'll be wanting a Navigator. I was wanting one after just a few minutes of trying Heavy Rain with holding a DualShock with one hand.

Pillage052467d ago

You can in the demo just... for reassurance. Use the ds3 instead of nav. that is.

Qui-Gon Jim2467d ago

I thought it already came with all the DLC.

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