PC vs. Console: The Fate of the RTS with Massive and Swordfish

Will the RTS ever be at home on the console?

Gameplayer has an in-depth chat with Massive Entertainment and Swordfish Studios - the developers looking after the PC and Xbox 360 versions of World in Conflict respectively - in an attempt to identify whether the RTS has a future on consoles. Between them they deliver a convincing argument as to why previous attempts to bring the genre into lounge-rooms have been poor, but how it can be be rectified in the future.

"There were no technical limitations in older console generations that prevented RTS games from being made for them. The limitations were all in the mindset of the industry, the skepticism you mentioned. The shrinking margins of PC games (and AAA PC games in particular) is a contributing factor as well since it has pushed the genre on to the console platforms, ready or not."

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