WiFi play confirmed in Super Smash Bros Brawl

Sakurai has today confirmed that Super Smash Bros Brawl will contain WiFi Play in his latest blog update. Online play for SSBB will consist of two modes - "With Friends" and "With Anyone". Sakurai has also apologised in advance that although he has done his best with online that the game may become slower the further you live away due to lag. Also mentioned in the blog is how you will play with friends and yes it looks like you will need to use some sort of friend code, but it doesn't mention them specifically.

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Prismo_Fillusion3870d ago

I'm super super excited for this game, but this could've been so much more. Of course, they haven't released all of the WiFi "modes" yes, so there could be great stuff on the way. But it seems like there will be no player stats and voice communication. I think the only use of this mode will be to practice against human AI, because without voice communication or stats, we're basically just playing human computers online.

Nintendo is still way behind in the online department.

Radiomorph3870d ago

"Human AI" and "human computers"? But yeah, I got your point. Too anonymous maybe. Anyway it's too early to know.

JosefTor3870d ago

This just shows how far behind the big N is. Having to actually anounce one of their best games has online support. I'm glad I don't have to worry about games being released without online multiplayer support on the PS360. Now that I got that out of my system.

I have a Wii too and I'm excited about SSB, Mario Galaxy, and Mario Kart. I'm glad to hear that people can experience online multiplayer support on all three systems. I personally think online multiplayer is much more important then the Wii remote technology.

PS360WII3869d ago

you don't have to worry? Just like how we didn't know if H3 would have online co-op till 2-3 weeks ago? Oh right it is still a question for every system out there.

Anyway yea Nintendo is taking baby steps in this online world but at least we have one of the big games with WiFi multiplayer ^^

Voice I can take it or leave it for we all know the morons out there who like to babble about crap and there are more racists and dumb punks out there in a faceless world of online gaming. I usually don't play with a headset on my 360 or PS3 because it usually isn't fun hearing all that.

brodels3870d ago

now when's sonic going to be announced :(

MACHone3870d ago

Kinda. I'm thrilled that Brawl will have Wi-Fi play -- THRILLED! But I'm wicked disappointed that not even a win/loss record will be recorded for 'With Anyone' battles! Like the first guy who commented said, what's the difference between fighting a Level 9 computer and a person who's completely anonymous?

On a side note, I'd be more excited about the 'With Friends' mode if any of my friends actually owned (or planned to own) a Wii.

[email protected]3869d ago

FINALLY! Rejoice everyone ^_^.

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The story is too old to be commented.