IGN:WWE All Stars: Hitting the Mat

IGN:WWE All Stars is an arcade fighter wrapped in a wrestling world, and more importantly, it doesn't feel like WWE SmackDown vs. Raw. Here, there are no rope breaks, no count outs, no submissions and the falls count anywhere in every match. Complementing that departure from reality, the characters are hulking masses that look like toys and perform moves that would make Evan Bourne blush.

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smurfz2889d ago

This game looks legit! Pretty excited to see how it goes when I get it.

genocidegeneral2152889d ago

is it a psn/xbox live game or full retail?

Rampaged Death2889d ago

It looks okay but the problem I have with the WWE games are that they are so easy.

sinncross2889d ago

I play WWE titles with my bros and friends... why WWW titles are not the best fighting games around, you'd be amazed how much fun you can get from them in a group

GameTavern2889d ago

I see Rampaged!
And the game looks pretty stellar.
And we get Macho Man!

nevin12889d ago

From that preview it seems like it should be a psn/xbla title.

I dont like Greg Miller take on wrestling games.

They should implemented the Here Comes The Pain forumula. (but improved) That game along with Just Bring It and Shut Your Mouth had that sim + arcade combo.

LoneWanderer092889d ago

This is going to be EPIC!!!

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