40° – A Socially Awkward Penguins Paradise [Exposé]

It is infamously known as a webcam porn service under the guise of video games.

Many people visited out of pure interest. Some signed up as a “PlayDate” to earn money, and some have even signed up to actually pay to play with these “PlayDates.”

Two questions: why would someone actually pay for such a service and who are these “PlayDates”? Well, I’m here to find out who and why.

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rett2886d ago

Super awkward sounding to me. Then again some people just need any form of social interaction.

blockmonkey2886d ago

Yeah Battleship can get pretty awkward :)

Xander7562886d ago

What a ridiculous concept for a website.

iseven2886d ago

i thought so too.... so weird.

edulle2886d ago

I'm sure this site makes way more money than it should

solidxz2886d ago

Unfortunately, that's probably the truth. Way to set video gamers back about a decade,

iseven2886d ago

girls are makin 200-500 a month?!?!! geeeeeze

Jetauben2886d ago

Can't say I'm surprised this exists.

solidxz2886d ago

Of course not...

This is the internet, after all.

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