How Realistic Do Gamers Want Their Games To Get?

In today's Speak-Up on Kotaku, commenter Matt_Twombly ponders the advanced realism cokming in games like Rockstar's L.A. Noire. When do games become too real?

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SpinalRemains1382885d ago (Edited 2885d ago )

In response to title -

Extremely fuckin'.

Wenis2885d ago

It depends on the game.. for example I dont want Mario Kart to be realistic. Even games like GTA shouldn't be too realistic (IV). But racing games like GT5, the realism is great and I love how it is as real as possible.

SpinalRemains1382885d ago

And you assume anyone who wants reaslitic games does not live life??????? That's a rather broad brush you're using there.

TooTall192885d ago

Not everyone wants to go on a rampage in real life and kill/be killed, or spend the rest of your life in prison.

I enjoy the realism if it adds to the gameplay. GTA IV's improved physics and graphical detail made it my favorite GTA even though I wasn't too fond of the story.

In the next GTA, I hope there is a hardcore option to add realism by making it easier to get stars and harder to lose them.

I strongly dislike CoDs realistic health though, because in real life you don't have to deal with issues such as lag. Even though Killzone 2 soldiers have an unrealistic amount of health, it improved the gameplay.

A reason why Killzone 2 is one of my favorite games of all time is because there was a great balance of realism.

HolyOrangeCows2885d ago

I want my avatar to spend weeks in the hospital after a bullet wound.

I want my car to get flat tires in racing games.

I want my guitar games to have people in the audience passing around weed and not even noticing when I screw up.


edgeofblade2885d ago

Not everyone wants to play a hyper realistic game.

How about a driving game? A lot of people would prefer Blur or Need for Speed to GT5. They don't care about accurate physics. They would perfer the Ricky Bobby, "I wanna go fast".

I wouldn't want a realistic FPS. Do you really want to manage the bullets in your clips? No more reloading half a clip.

How about an movie in the rough form of an RPG? Nope, we all know what happened with FF13.

How about a real GTA game? Nope, stuck in jail for 50 to life.

Get my point? Not being realistic has never kept me from enjoying a game.

visualb2885d ago

ehe I know guys I was joking xD

I love me some uber realism in the right game

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Neckbear2885d ago (Edited 2885d ago )

I disagree.

I'd rather have a creative game than a completly realistic one.

Videogames don't need to be realistic, hell, I'll take an over-the-top badass game over a realistic one any day.

Why, you ask?

Because I enjoy the first one more than the second.

P.S.: If you truly wanted games to be realistic, they'd all be hard as balls simulators. And no one can truly live playin' nothing but simulators.

Christopher2885d ago (Edited 2885d ago )

Graphically, I'm happy with this generation of graphics. I don't want to see it go much further. I don't think it would add anything to the experience personally and would only lead to increased costs in games due to graphics.

Gameplay can always be improved no matter the level of graphics you utilized.

Ryudo2885d ago

Naw I think consoles have 1 more generation of improvements in them before graphics become to realistic.

The problem with current gen games on consoles in why some certainly do look stunning they have to use a lot of visual trickery to pull that effect off.

So why certain things look perfect others let them down, for example console games are abit to blocky for my tastes. Due to the lower resolution and sometimes bad textures.

Gohadouken2885d ago (Edited 2885d ago )

i'd say almost as far away as possible , beyond the following exception for me : sports games and racing games .

I want my games to focus (when it comes to graphics) to their design and aesthetics . Not just stand there happy to have a realistic metallic stair texture with generic design .

Hell it goes even beyond graphics ... usually unless they are truly simulations , generic looking game are usually as generic in the gameplay department

MariaHelFutura2885d ago (Edited 2885d ago )

Games should actually kill you in real life when you die ingame and get you off during sex scenes. Anything else is a flop, IMO.


iPad2885d ago


For sports game, i want it to be realistic.

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Rybnik2885d ago

depends whether it suits teh game or not. LA Noire mechanics seem like they will benefit from awesome, lifelike characters...


Not to realistic bcuz that takes away the fun E.G GTA4

Mista T2885d ago (Edited 2885d ago )

fun and realism 9 times out of 10 are Inversely proportional

Nac2885d ago

As soon as it becomes 100% realism it ceases to be escapism and is now virtual reality. I don't reall want that to happen.

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