PSA: Mass Effect 2 PS3 Cerberus Network issues currently being worked on

Mass Effect 2's Cerberus Network is currently down on PS3. Joystiq has an email from EA support saying that the publisher is aware of the problem, and sources at Sony tell us it is working on a fix. There is also this EA support log which states: "The Cerberus Network and comic part of the Cerberus Network is currently down and hope to be up and working in next 24-48 hours."

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LiL T2864d ago

Oh, its 3:30 pm est Kon must of just got home from elementary school.

Tjernobieleke2864d ago

And you are....unemployed?

Kon2864d ago (Edited 2864d ago )

I am in South America and here is 18:51 . Internet is worldwide you fool.

LiL T2864d ago

Actually no, due to a back injury I go to work when I feel like thanks for the response though.
@Kon, no I did not know the internet was World Wide, I thought www stood for wanker whiners web.

HolyOrangeCows2863d ago (Edited 2863d ago )

Launch day server problems?! Oh the humanity! The unprecedented humanity!

Pretty dumb of them to not have the comic included on the disc.

Megaton2864d ago

Really? The comic is down? How are you gonna not release that on the disc?

BeaArthur2864d ago

Yeah, that was my first thought as well. Bioware is usually on top of things so I would be surprised if it wasn't fixed today.

BattleAxe2864d ago

I just picked it up today, I'll wait until its fixed so i can play the game from start to finish as intended with the comic.

maxcer2864d ago

if you to play the game as intended, play ME1 first

BattleAxe2863d ago

Maybe I'll get ME1 on STEAM..

Soul Train2864d ago

Doesn't BioWare realize "extra features" should have been tested months earlier? Shows how much they really care.

Pay them FULL PRICE for empty promises and a year old game.

BattleAxe2864d ago

Get a life dude, the game just got released today.

Soul Train2864d ago

Actually no, it was released an entire year ago on the Xbox 360 and PC with NO problems.

But if your happy paying $60 for a half a$$ed port of a year old game then go right ahead.

Baka-akaB2863d ago

Except you are full of it .

This happened with the 360 version at launch as well. Not for a comic but for all the DLC. The mercenary and the special preorder DLCs were locked for a few days till EA fixed the issue.

have issue with how long it took to release fine , but let's not make stuff up

thebudgetgamer2864d ago

then just play it on the 360 and shut up.

HebrewHammer2864d ago

Im a bit upset by everything this week. First, DCUOnline servers are down for the majority of the weekend. Then, the LBP2 collectors edition costume code doesnt work. Now, I cant play ME2 because I dont want to go into it without the intro comic. Why they put the comic on the cerberus network and not the disc is beyond me. Ugh, frustrating. Thank jeebs for LBP2. Such a great game to keep me occupied

DarkBlood2863d ago

probably to counter used sales no doubt

Bgibbs2864d ago

Hmm, I downloaded the add-on and installed it just fine around 2:30 EST. Haven't had a chance to play it yet so it may not work for me.

Bgibbs2863d ago

Haha wow, a disagree because I said it may not work? It did by the way. But come on N4G, you're better than that, at least I thought so anyways.

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