PlayStation Informer - Final Fantasy Versus XIII new Trailer Impressions

PlayStation Informer: "In this post “I will illustrate” my impressions on the new trailer of Final Fantasy Versus XIII..."

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midgard2272765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

is amazing so STFU!!!!! all this news is makin everyone want it more!!! ima hope for it to come fast which makes me want to get old fast!!!! EVIL I TELL U EVIL!!!!!!


hey, lol um i think in ff13-2 thats a dude, not sure but they said the universe is the same as versus but far far away in other worlds soooo shouldnt be possible for them to meet

AAACE52765d ago

Well, no doubt about it... Versus is being pushed back so that XIII-2 can come out in 2011!

But the funny thing is, we can clearly see that Versus is an action RPG and steps even further away from the traditional FF style gameplay.... and no one is complaining about it!

I guess having a game as an exclusive makes it alright, even though most people complained about XIII stepping away from the traditional formula!

Shang-Long2765d ago

the gameplay is changed to a more action rpg ( kh style) but it will have airships, cars, world map, towns, most likely side quest. and this is what ff games consist of. expect ff12 where they're were no airships or cars, but we had a large scale map and was able to do so much out side the main story.

btw the reason this all can be done Is because of its exclusiveness.

Mario182765d ago

Final Fantasy Versus XIII will release worldwide exclusively on Playstation 3. :)

PixlSheX2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

Did someone else saw the same woman in black armor on both trailers? I mean FFXIII-2 and FFVersus?

MiyagiSPG2765d ago

I noticed that too, will be interesting to see the link between the two games

The_Great_D2765d ago

No I think there two different characters. in versus its a woman, but in 13-2 its a guy. I dont think there going to mix worlds at all.

trevonn952765d ago

oh those graphics are so nice ahhhhhhhhhhhh

redDevil872765d ago

I just want to see the summons lol

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