Final Fantasy Versus XIII and XIII-2 Trailers and comments -- Whatta ya think?

Well we have a huge Square Enix double whammy for you with 2 new trailers. First up is the reveal of a sequel to FFXIII, aptly titled…. FFXIII-2. Creative, huh? An interesting choice to make a sequel to a game that fans were so torn on with regard to whether it was actually good or not. But hey, here it comes.

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TurismoGTR2805d ago

Final Fantasy Versus XIII is a MUST BUY. MUST!

young juice2805d ago

i really do hope its a good games. ill admit that ff13 was my first time seriously playing a ff game and i was not impressed in the least. couldnt even get through half of it. terrible game imo.

but i have beat all of the kingdom hearts and i hear versus is made by the same people so i have very high hopes...VERY high!!!1one

doa7662805d ago

another great PS3 exclusive coming up

regarding FF13-2 it seems that no one remembers FFX-2, it was a quick cash in, with bad story and re using most of the previous game's areas

AAACE52805d ago

Like I said on another post...

We can clearly see that Versus is an action RPG and steps even further away from the traditional Jrpg formula that fans have come to love. Yet no one is complaining about the change in gameplay!

I guess people don't really care as long as it's an exclusive. But it does make you wonder if they really didn't like FFXIII or if they didn't like it because it went multiplat.

TreMillz2805d ago (Edited 2805d ago )

no one is complaing because SE came from the jump and said Versus was a action rpg just like how KH was. Also FF fans get mad when the games are announced for 360 because the games lose their original quality and content hence why the second half of FF XIII is releasing for another $60...lets be serious after all the cut content SE knew XIII-2 was going to happen hence the director kept "wishing" a second part would release.

young juice2805d ago


it looks like it plays just like kingdom hearts too.

i know i dont have much say in this. but if your prime example of jrpg gameplay is ff13 then im overjoyed they went with this approach.

makes you wonder if more people would have liked ff13 if it was ACTUALLY GOOD. again this is just my opinion.


It was never about the fact that gamers are turning away from JRPG's it's that people/gamers have matured and really want to experience the media to it's fullest. Action RPG's either western or eastern developed allows players to be more incontrol of there characters which adds the cinematic gameplay and really keeps us drawn into the game space

TriggerHappy_2804d ago

I'll rent it. I haven't purchased a FF game since the 10th. I'm still waiting on a FF13 deal where the game is $10.

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showtimefolks2805d ago

but versus 13 looks too good i will buy it when it comes out a few question for you FF fans.

its a open world game at least that's what it seemed like from the trailer

and the combat is turn based? its real time hack/slash right?

also it looks like this game is still ps3 exclusive and hopefully they will take advantage of working on just one platform and make it one of the best FF games

do i have to know the story to understand versus or is it just a new story by itself?

ash_divine2805d ago

"its a open world game at least that's what it seemed like from the trailer"

I don't if it's completely open world, but definitely more open the FFXIII.

"and the combat is turn based? its real time hack/slash right?"

Real time hack and slash.

"do i have to know the story to understand versus or is it just a new story by itself?"

No, they are separate stories.

Ingram2805d ago

New story, although most FF share common elements, if you ever play more than one game of the series you'll understand.

real time hack/slash.

Why don't you start with 7? you don't enjoy turn based action perhaps?

fatstarr2805d ago

Cant wait to get both. square is very busy this year

visualb2804d ago

if it has fighting like crisis core ( turn based combat put me of FF, im not big fan so don't lynch me) and open world and villages like FF8 (my fav one) with a ship and everything, I'll be getting this day one

I love FF art style, design and even the stories, but I could never get into the turn based combat.

I hope this game is what I think it is, I'll be super excited!

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MariaHelFutura2805d ago (Edited 2805d ago )

I could care less about FF13, FF13V has the potential to be one of my favorite RPGs of all time. The trailer is one of the best things I`ve ever seen in gaming in my entire life. The whole "vibe" the game gives off it unbelievable, a nice dark gritty JRPG w/ real time combat. This is kinda the game i`ve been wait for all my life (and Bushido blade using the PS Move w/ online).

FF13V is now my most anticipated title.

Simon_Brezhnev2805d ago

I agree with you this will probably be my favorite RPG of all time next to The Witcher series.

MariaHelFutura2805d ago

I`ve never played the Witcher, I don`t game on my PC. I was disappointed when it was cancelled for the PS3 though. Alot of my friends tell me it`s a great game.

Simon_Brezhnev2805d ago

Yeah its a great game it makes DAO look stupid

Prcko2805d ago

day 1 both!
when you'r a fan of FF,you just can't miss any single ff game,trust me :D

SquareEnixFan2805d ago

Final Fantasy 13-2 is a must buy for me. Ever since I finished 13 I've been begging for a sequel. I'm not that excited for Versus 13 right now. I'm willing to give anything with the Final Fantasy name a fair shot but so far I haven't seen or heard anything to get excited about.

Mystickay862805d ago

Final Fantasy XIII Versus > XIII so far. And that game hasn't even been out yet. Trailer Versus impressed me by far.

pr0digyZA2805d ago

This name final fantasy versus XIII seems pretty accurate for what will come in the future. I mean people are calling it the real final fantasy and it will be going against its competition (XIII) hence it is final fantasy versus the thirteenth game. I wonder if it's a dig at their own studio.

the_best_player2805d ago

Sounds like someone don't own a PS3

SquareEnixFan2805d ago

So now its impossible to be unimpressed by FF Versus 13 and own a PS3? Sorry I'm not part of the "hey its a PS3 exclusive so its guaranteed to be good" brigade. I'm confident in SE's ability to make a quality rpg but I'll take a wait and see approach with this game.

Esena2805d ago

But you don't own a ps3 right?

SquareEnixFan2805d ago

Yes I have a PS3 but I can't find the make every exclusive game awesome button.

Zir02805d ago

CGI is once again unmatched can't wait to see the HD versions on thursday.

FrankMcSpank2805d ago (Edited 2805d ago )

The real killer epicness here is that Square said that the CGI and the gameplay will be the most seemless of any game yet for versusXIII. The trailer showed that awesome cinematics transition right into gameplay. I think MGS4 did it very well. God of War 3 was unbelievable, but both games used ingame engine. This PS3 exclusive White Engine has 1080p CGI visuals blending into 1080p ingame graphics like no other. Very impressive.

I couldn't finish FFXIII cuz it was too linear for me, but I may have to pickup a cheap copy and fit it in. But if FFXIII-2 plays the same, I may just watch cutscenes on youtube. i really wanted to love that game, but couldn't.

Denethor_II2805d ago

"I couldn't finish FFXIII cuz it was too linear for me, but I may have to pickup a cheap copy and fit it in."

I couldn't finish it either yet I'm gonna have to finish it now too. Why do we do it to ourselves?