iPhone Biggest Threat to Nintendo Portable Dominance

When the 3DS was revealed publicly, everyone knew roughly what the system was and what it could do, yet it still bowled people over. Easily stealing E3, Nintendo's next portable is the anticipated follow-up to the hugely successful DS line which has run for the past six or so years. For a Nintendo whose financial fortunes are waning a bit, it seemed to be just the shot in the arm that they needed.

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donniebaseball2770d ago

The iPhone is definitely getting better as a games platform. I love Epic's Infinity Blade - good sign of things to come.

smoothdude2770d ago

While games on the iPhone are getting better, I don't believe it is a threat. However, Nintendo does need to take heed to what is happening on the smart phone market as there will come a time when it just makes more sense to have a phone.

However, I am looking forward to the PSP Phone. Ooo, fun times.

darthv722770d ago

Iphone isnt a threat until it can play mario (officially) better than a dedicated nintendo handheld.

It may be better technically but it isnt always the best in show that wins the crowd over.

gumgum992770d ago

I will never understand how a phone(a Phone!)with a monthly bill is somehow gonna cut into Nintendo's shares for a handheld, that does not require monthly fees for kids to pay, and has bigger, better games. with buttons.