GameZone: Five Lego Games We'd Like To See

"Since 2005’s Lego Star Wars, TT Games repertoire of Lego-fied heroes has grown in leaps and bounds. From Star Wars, to Indiana Jones, to Batman, to Harry Potter, the biggest franchises in media are being reproduced in digital blocks, ready to be destroyed in search of studs. This year will see the release of a sequel to Lego Star Wars, based on the Clone Wars TV series, and a new franchise in Pirates of the Caribbean. We’re also expecting the announcement of Lego Harry Potter: Years 5-7 at any moment. What other franchises could be in the pipeline? Here’s just a few possibilities…"

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Yi-Long2889d ago

Lego Racing: build your own cars and tracks using existing Lego building blocks, and choose for top-down view for a Micro Machines kinda racing game, or from behind the car, like a cart game.

- Lego Lanfeust. Unknown in the USA, but a well-known and loved license in France.

- Lego Naruto. The manga-epic could be awesome in LEGO.

- Lego Disney. Do I really need to explain the endless possibilities!?

Quagmire2889d ago

Wny hasn't there been a good Bionicle game out there?

FrankMcSpank2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

LEGO Back to the Future. This game I want more than any other Lego game. Close your eyes and imagine how amazing it would be!

DreamTension2889d ago

Lego matrix
Lego lord of the rings

How about Lego: Lego! Just give us every lego set ever created and let us build them and play with them in cool environments.

QuodEratDemonstrandm2889d ago

Lego Lord of th-
NUTS! You beat me. Okay.... fine... one of those agrees is mine.

How about Lego Spider-man... or X-Men... Alien... Predator... Alien vs Predator? Or something with zombies.... lego zombies. Lego Evil Dead.

Lamarthedancer2889d ago

Lego Harold and Kumar....I just want to ride a lego cheetah in the forest

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