Jelly Car 2 review - Extra Guy

The presentation of Jelly Car 2 almost makes it worth the purchase alone. The game looks like it was hand-drawn by a little kid on a sketch pad, complete with lined paper backgrounds, slightly colored-out-of-the-lines powerups and sound effects done by a person making them with their mouth. The music is fun and upbeat which perfectly fits the on-screen hijinks. You can even customize your Jelly Car to the color and shape of your choosing.

There is something for everyone in the game’s four modes. Classic mode will have you attempting to get to the goal in the fastest time possible. You’ll have to use platforms (both moving and stationary), walls, giant car-squishing gears, the ability to grow to monster truck size and more to get there. There are two kinds of powerups to grab – the wall sticking wheels and car lifting balloons. They will allow you to roll on any surface (even ceilings) or float up through holes and gaps. Once you’re finished, you will return the stage selection screen to pick a new level, or try the same one again to beat your best time. You can even race your friends through the classic mode stages in multi-player.

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