Third-Person Action Shooter MINDJACK Ships This Week

Square Enix this week unleashes MINDJACK, an innovative action (online) shooter that blurs the line between traditional single- and multiplayer gameplay by thrusting real-world players into the roles of in-game enemies, allies and cybernetic creatures at any time.

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MariaHelFutura2770d ago

Does anyone else find this as wierd as I do? There has been next to nothing about this game...anywhere.

Chris3992770d ago

And this will be total C rate trash. Not the kind of trash that I usually enjoy - Bulletwitch, for example - but the Vampire Rain sort.

And why release it again ME: 2 and LBP 2? The poor game is condemned to a quick death before even had a chance. Naturally, Jim Sterling will write a review and give it a 10/10 - calling it GOTY.

MariaHelFutura2770d ago

Thank you and I like how you admit liking trash games.

Vampire rain.....ughhhh.

Godmars2902770d ago

But maybe Square is counting on the 360's Halo/COD crowd to pick it up.

DelbertGrady2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

@Godmars290 - Wasn't it PS3 owners that bought FFXIII in millions?

Here's a link to a gameplay video from it. Looks like a 5/10 to me.

kramun2769d ago

It looks terrible. Like some kind of strange messiah/mmo hybrid.

NoobSessions2769d ago

The only time I ever saw this game was yesterday when I was browsing Gamefly.

I almost said gameflix. :l

Hellsvacancy2769d ago

I saw MindJack on a torrent blog the other day for the 360, first i ever heard of it

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Rampaged Death2769d ago

There has been nothing on it for a reason ;)

Gohadouken2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

i indeed always find that weird . i was confused when watching the release calendar on some site and seeing it listed .

There have been very little infos and exposure on the title , beyond it's announcement at some old con

It's obvious square doesnt even believe in the title

HolyOrangeCows2769d ago

"There has been next to nothing about this game...anywhere"

Probably because it's going to suck. What we've seen so far is an interesting concept but with cookie-cutter mechanics, but with a REALLY slow pace.

But I guess we'll see. Could be a hidden gem......pfft.

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Stealth20k2769d ago

when will square learn all we want form them is rpgs

budbundystyles2769d ago

After Final Fantasy XIII-9 gets released to zero fanfare.

Lamarthedancer2769d ago


It's amazing when games pop up out of nowhere and then the developer is usualy dissapointed with sales.

Dlacy13g2769d ago

I have this on my Gamefly Que... I am not holding my breath for something amazing. I think we all would have heard something by now if that were the case. I think this will be one of those games that has a brilliant concept but fails in execution. I guess I will find out in 2 days.

rajman2769d ago

I've had the game a few days and I will say its quite horrible, the controls are really bad and everything from voice acting, gameplay is bad to. I gave up after playing it for an hour