Kinect Hacked To Perform Surgery

Kotaku: We've seen the Xbox 360 Kinect control robots before, but never robots with tasks this important. A group of graduate engineering students at the University of Washington are using Microsoft's device to guide the actions of surgical robots.

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sinclaircrown2593d ago

we regret to inform you that your husband just RROD'd

I kid! I kid!...

Burning_Finger2593d ago


Microsoft might send her a coffin box.

ComboBreaker2592d ago

the knife of Kinect. Such inaccuracy. It's like being operated by a drunken surgeon with shaking hands.

Simco8762593d ago

Kinect hacked to cure cancer.... Kinect hacked to wage war on the middle east for the USA!

Kinect.... hacked your mother, Kinect is your father

DelusionalMsBot2593d ago only does everything

Christopher2593d ago

In order to get the precision they need for most surgeries, they will need a much better camera going forward as well as some pretty powerful processing to measuring movement down to the millimeter.

Neat idea, though I'm not sure it will be replaced by current robotic methods that utilize touch-sensitive controls that provide physical feedback on their moves.

ct032593d ago

The article says that they use it for prototyping which saved them $50,000.

An actual surgery will obviously not be performed on an off-the-shelf Kinect unit.

MyNameIsNotRick2593d ago

Really...You don't think Kinect will replace actual sugical equipment. Come on.

edgeofblade2592d ago

In some parts of the world? Yes.

This reminds me of that one guy that repurposed an n64 rumble pack into a tattoo gun... in prison.

MajestieBeast2593d ago (Edited 2593d ago )

Wanna see what failed surgery looks like, BAM! there it is.

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