Mass Effect 2 PS3 install: the facts

Either Digital Foundry's PlayStation 3 debugging station is in desperate need of a new hard drive or else Mass Effect 2 can take anything up to 52 minutes to install for a relatively paltry 4272MB of data, not including the additional downloaded DLC.

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ThatCanadianGuy2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

I call shenanigans.

Literally just popped my copy in 10 mintues ago, not even.And it's at 77%

Edit: done

Later guys, going to play me some of that superior mass effect 2 :)


why do some sites talk trash for hits?

its beyond annoying...fabricating truth for attention.... 52min for 4gb of data?

year 2011 and you expect me to believe that? yet i have the quite rubbish sky broadband and can download a 7gig blu ray film in 50 min

2807d ago
ReBurn2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

"year 2011 and you expect me to believe that? yet i have the quite rubbish sky broadband and can download a 7gig blu ray film in 50 min"

What does downloading pirated copies of Blu-ray movies have to do with how long it took Mass Effect 2 to install on one person's PS3?

Different PS3's have different results when it comes to install times. My old 60GB PS3 took an hour to install Gran Turismo 5. It installed in 19 minutes on my new slim. Your results may vary.

Lou-Cipher2807d ago

Yeah, Im about 3 minutes in, and im a 19%.

People really are full of $hit sometimes.

DualConsoleOwner2807d ago

more than 20...

there are couple explanation for taking longer.

A) Eurogamer is bsing.
B) their PS3 hard drive is failing.

ThanatosDMC2807d ago

^ Gonna go with A. Final answer.

Chaos Striker2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

After that paragraph, they tried to find the root cause and discovered that a near full harddrive causes the install to drag out longer. Others here mentioned it could be due to the fact that Eurogamer has a PS3 Fat 60gb, which could pose as an additional issue.

**ThanatosDMC, read the article...

Blacktric2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

It's really funny to see that people still think the PS3 version of Mass Effect 2 is superior. The only thing you're getting is three story related paid DLC's on the disc and a revamped engine along with some very minor gameplay tweaks (some datapads and safes don't need hacking in the PS3 version). The game doesn't look ten times better on the PS3 and you don't get to play Mass Effect and import your choices into the second game. Instead, you're getting a cheap 15 minute comic that covers 5-6 choices, while the real game gives you tens of them that's going to affect even Mass Effect 3. You should be pissed off at EA for bringing the game to the PS3 without adding more choice options to the comic. Because that's what makes Mass Effect series special; the choices and their consequences.

ThanatosDMC2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

Fine! I will! Good day.

Hehehe... sweet there's a video!

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Dragun6192807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

I see the problem, there still running a PS3 with 60gb Hard drive. They should probably upgrade.

Anyways, Heading to Best buy to get that B2G1 free deal. Little Big Planet 2 and Mass Effect 2 in one day? And a free game too? Probably gonna grab DC Universe Online or GT5.

Chris3992807d ago

The others are good, but ultimately irrelevant :) I kid, I kid. All are good games, but DC is really something else for an MMO.

Christopher2807d ago

I can get why it takes longer the less space you have free. But, 30 minutes seems about right for a 4+GB install on the PS3.

Would love to see a firmware update that improves this process with some improved logic on the installation process on the system. Not sure there's much they can do about transfer of file data too much considering the sector placement algorithms are likely much faster than the BD read speed.

FACTUAL evidence2807d ago

Wow a Mass effect of 360 fans are really breaking down right now.

jimbone792807d ago

Really? What comment in particular would you be referring to? I think I see more PS3 fanboy's "Breaking Down" over the IGN review than 360 fanboy’s breaking down in here.

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insomnium22807d ago

That's a long ass install if you have a near full HDD but is this install mandatory?

I will be installing no matter what and I personally don't care if it took 2 hours to install even. Still I gotta recognize this is a long install and a weird one at that (with the amount ofavailable space on HDD affecting install times).

This and LBP2 getting straight 10s is a win for gaming. Keep on truckin' PS3.

MGRogue20172807d ago

This is not up for discussion.. if the game desires a mandatory install.. then so be it.

ian722807d ago

52 minutes for just over 4.2 Gig doesn't seem right to me. The install for GT5 was double (or more) and it installed in less time than that.
I don't care about mandatory installs, as they are only a one off and make the game run better. Its not hard to find something to do while games install. (make a cuppa, sandwich, have a smoke, read manual, etc).

jetlian2807d ago

you'd think they would have known the more stuff you have on any HDD the longer it takes to install.

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