PGNX MEDIA gives 9.3/10 to Heavenly Sword

This is what the reviewer said :-

The PS3's latest must-have. A game that critics called "Goddess of War" months before release has a lot to live up to. God of War is one of the PS2's finest games and Ninja Theory should be very proud of the comparison. But with the comparison also comes increased expectations. More than any other released game, Heavenly Sword is tasked with showing people that the PS3 is a worthwhile investment. Thankfully, the game does this just fine. The production values in Heavenly Sword are well, heavenly, and the combat is very entertaining to boot.

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toughNAME3841d ago

PS3 games are still having a hard time getting over that AAA hump

...i know...ill wait

ISay3841d ago

im a gamer first , fan boyism aside this game was way to short for my taste(5.1/2 hours 2 Sitings), i have never been so diipointed to see credits. this score was to high for me i think an 8 is just right. the cut scens were perfect i felt like i was wathcing a movie i loved this game but replay was "mea" thier was little to no stratigy in defeting any of the bosses its a buton masher and i have no interest in puting my controler threw that again, all the cut scens can be unlocked and rewatched the veriaty in enemis was weak. i feel this game was rushed and the truth of that will come out soon.

NewScratch3841d ago

5.5 hours? no way. i'm working on 6 hours about halfway through and have only died a handful of times. not sure how but theres gotta be some way you can prove you played and finished this game...

MalcomGrasley3841d ago


What a loser! It's like amateur night for trolls.

MalcomGrasley3841d ago

LOL at the idiotic 5.5 hours claim. Stupid fanboys. Too stupid to make crap up that anyone will believe.

Wolfmoonstrike3841d ago

so you button mashed both bohon and roach without dying repeatedly wow your amazing wish I could do that I had to figure out there style and use it against them, but if you did you must be pretty damn good to kick bohons ass with only one pot.

nasim3840d ago

That BOT doesnt even have a ps3.

that BOT trolls all ps3 forums with his nasty comments..How come he is not banned

funkycoldmedina3840d ago

Hmmm... completing ENTIRE game in 5.5 hrs. Doesn't sound right. Are we all playing the same game? Conspiracy! I've played NG Sigma and have beaten hard mode, and HS's combat system is a little more lenient to the casual players. Doesn't mean it is an completely easy game on "Normal" mode. I have yet to attempt easy mode if there was one and don't intend to. Pointless to play such a mode on any game anyway unless you're really struggling after a few sessions. Either way I'm enjoying HS, so I guess each his own preference and opinion.


If you can actually mesh button and kill King Bohan in 5.5 hours, I really want to see that. If not, this is just another prove that you never even play HS before and just trying to be a smart ass fanboy, get lost.

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techie3841d ago

You don't have to play it as a button masher. It is possible to do so, but you'd get a lot more pleasure if you actually thought about what you were doing, timed your button presses and were methodical. I know i have.

Keyser3840d ago

I've been playing HS for over 8 hours. Could I have beaten the game faster? Probably, but I didn't pay $60 so I could run through the game as fast as I could. I bought the game to enjoy what the developer was trying to convey and complete the tasks as was intended. Heck, I did the bridge board protecting Shen about 9 times till I got all 3 medals.

I would feel no satisfaction if I ran through the game at break-neck speed, not even attempting to to complete the tasks as designed.

Dang Deep, haven't seen you in quite some time on here...

vaan3841d ago

I'll hold out for a cheap used copy, it looks pretty decent but Ratchet, Unreal 3 and Uncharted are going to cost me a small fortune!

***off topic***
Anyone know when Wip3out HD is coming out?

Bathyj3840d ago

So are we allowed to call this a killer app now without upsetting the bots?

I just had a look at Gamerankings and this game has gotten mostly high 8's and low 9's. Thats good enough for me. Only a couple sites like IGN and Edge who cant help but be arseholes and tried to get low scores rolling on this game like EGM did with Lair so others could easily follow suit. Giving this game a 7 because its over quicker than you would like for be like knocking the Lord of the Rings movies because they didn't have as much detail as the book. A-grade stuff.

Keowrath3840d ago

No, you can't call any game on the PS3 a killer app, the 360 fanboys get upset and take it personally.

You wouldn't want to upset them would you?... =)

toughNAME3840d ago

well no, HS is getting mostly 8's and 9's

the average is technically no this is not a AAA (see my above post)

but you can call it one i guess?

SL1M DADDY3840d ago

I just beat this game yesterday and having obtained and opened all available content I can say that this game for those who are thorough is about 12 to 14 hours of game play. If you beat it in 5 or 6 then you are missing a ton of cool extras and/or lying through your teeth. The final battle is cinematic enough and tough enough to make even the finest of Xbots retire all hatred and take a swing at this game. I wish people would put down the hate for the PS3 for a second to realize that this game is what next gen is all about. Immersive, cinematic, style and emotion are just a few words I use to describe the experience I had when playing this game.

xg-ei8ht3840d ago

You are spot on, let me give u a cookie!!

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