CVG: Mass Effect 2 PS3 Review

CVG: During the opening level of Mass Effect 2, a sprawling sci-fi adventure that keeps you mesmerised throughout its 30+ hour lifespan, the main character - the man or woman you played as throughout the whole first Mass Effect - dies.

"WTF, Thanks for spoiling it for me". Well, before you storm our offices with burning pitchforks, we'll qualify that remark by saying that 'dies' isn't the end of the story.

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FrankMcSpank2770d ago

Another great review. I loved Mass one on Xbox, and I didn't get to play the sequel. Getting this from Amazon hopefully this week. Thank you Bioware for letting everyone experience this amazing game.

DualConsoleOwner2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

IGN said PS3 has "revamped" graphics.

and Now gamer came out with a comparison

Kal8532770d ago

I lol'd @ the second to last paragraph/sentence. Nice to see such a good review for an entirely deserving game.

ksense2769d ago

9.3 for xbox version and 9.5 for ps3 version. not trying to start a fanboy war :P

TheColbertinator2769d ago

Mass Effect 2 was a shocker for me on the 360.Although I despised its separation from its Mass Effect 1 RPG roots,the dialog and combat system brought the franchise to a whole new level.Its stunning quality is proven by its grand story,epic lore,fascinating allies and the layers of branching paths stand out from any other game currently on the market.

There is no other game I recommend more this month than Mass Effect 2 PS3 version

Rageanitus2769d ago

With all these reviews about ME2 on ps3 I couldnt care less which version is better. I am a strong supporter of the ps3 but it bugs me it is charged full price for a year old game. At least price it like how Bioshock 1 was priced when it was released on t he ps3.

Its funny how xbox and ps3 fanboys are fighting over this nonsense... (we all know the pc version is still better ;))

If you look at the xbox front I think they should be worried, because anotehr CONSOLE exclusive is lost to the xbox library. It just shows that fake exclusives have a chance of going full multiplatform. At least when Sony lost their Final Fantasy they compensated with more NEW IP's

Mr Tretton2769d ago

Actually Bioshock 1 was released at 59.99 on PS3. The price quickly dropped however. I expect the same for ME2. They just wanna get what they can from the early buyers.

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