Video Games "Create Mental Health Problems"

Ryan Johnson | GoozerNation

A new study is out saying video games can lead to mental illnesses. The media loves to jump on anything controversial, which in turn effects the public at large. What can we do about this? Ryan Johnson of GoozerNation puts in his opinion on the matter.

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JimmyJames702890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

Whacked out media always looking for pageviews... You'd think they'd be able to do better than scare and fear tactics. Wonder where they got that from? Oh yeah, the government and their war on drugs and terror.

MariaHelFutura2890d ago

N4G creates mental health problems.

iamgoatman2890d ago

Nah, N4G is where people with mental health problems congregate.

AEtherbane2890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

Before anyone jumps to conclusions about this article, or takes sides, please read this and understand the study, this article does NOT accurately depict the study.

Everyone read this, the study was conducted on male children ranging in age from 10 - 13 on playing over 30 hours a week or more. Can lead to depression, anxiety, irritability and mental health issues. The study also showed that these issues were only induced when the kids were playing realisticly violent games, such as violent shooting games.

In my opinion, I do not disagree with the results and do believe that there can be a gaming addiction, but to blame the game industry solely is at faulty. The kids shouldn't be playing game rated for mature audiences between the ages of 10 and 13, that is a failure of the parents, and for the parents to not limit screen time at that age and teach discipline, to allow for the kids to play that much is the fault of the parents. Games can be addiction, there really are psychological addiction to games like COD and WOW, but people who become addicted usually have pre-coursing conditions, and aren't like the vast majority of us.

ZombieNinjaPanda2890d ago


Put kids in front of violent movies for 30 hours and the same thing will happen. When you don't take a break from staring at a screen for so long, these things will happen.

Games aren't the only things.

RyanDJ2890d ago

Sorry if it wasn't made clear in my article, but that's basically what I'm saying. Addictions are possible with games. It just takes focus on the parts of family in the case of kids, and mature reasoning with adults, to ensure addictions don't occur. In the right hands, things are safe. It's a predisposition of the person, not the mere existence of the game.

GodofSackboy2890d ago

No sh*t, of course they do. I couldn't care less, rather be playing games and be mental than sane without games.

schlanz2890d ago

Video Games Create Wallet Health Problems

MGRogue20172890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )


i experience no mental health issues when playing mah' video games.. :P

this is horse shit.

fooltheman2890d ago

EVERYTHING can CAUSE mental problems...

RyanDJ2890d ago

Exactly. I am stating in the article how the media latches onto anything that says "games are evil!" and runs with it. You don't see that so much with, say, books.

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