Gamespot: Mass Effect 2 (PS3) Review

This port isn't as impeccable as the game deserved. Nevertheless, Mass Effect 2 still shines on the PlayStation 3 for the very reasons that it shone on other platforms. It is fine entertainment, but it's more than just lasers and loadouts--it's an adventure that invites you to get lost in its world and draws you close to those that inhabit it. Your actions both in and out of battle have weight because you care about the consequences. Almost everything Mass Effect 2 does, it does with uncommon quality. Its missions are varied and smartly structured. Its atmospheric art design uses color and lighting to evoke mystery and tension. And its well-acted characters stay with you even when you've returned to our more ordinary version of the Milky Way.

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insomnium22891d ago

This one is just about to be approved with 9 votes but there are 2 reviews with a perfect 10s on both and they are struggling to be approved. Why is that?

FrankMcSpank2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

The video was hard to watch. They tore into this version. All I heard from it was, one of the DLC packs had a few issues so this game sucks. Gamespot nitpicked GT5, LBP2 and now this. Can we agree they have gone the ways of a bias, fanboy site? I think this review was bullcrap through and through.

Maybe their was a time. But the last 3 reviews have shown nothing but childish, fanboyisms, nitpicking, and down right poor journalism.

clank5432891d ago

Well, they gave the 360 version a 9.0. There were some MAJOR problems with the Overlord DLC in the video, and they should have really been fixed. While I don't agree with the score, I can see his reasoning.

ubiquitious2891d ago

Were you around in 2007? LOL

Gamespot used to be the most biased website (according to SONY fanboys). But then they forgot about it and now the last time I checked IGN holds that title.

Gamespot is the most popular gaming website and has consistenly given fair, honest, and unbiased reviews.


-Alpha2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

Why do you assume the WHOLE website is biased? I can chalk it up to the reviewer, but the whole website? Come on. Where were these claims of bias when the PC version scored the same as the 360 version? Where was this claim of bias when Gamespot gave shooter of the year to Killzone, GOTY to Demon's Souls and MGSIV, best graphics to MGSIV, etc?

I see a solid game getting high 9+ reviews, but oops, one site gives it 8.5, so they must be biased fanboys-- they must not have proper reasons for what they said, and any reason they included must be nitpicking.

Dragon Age got knocked down on the 360 for the exact same reasons, yet no one called that bias.

When the site tells you what you want to hear they tell the truth but when they don't they are called biased.

Every site has been called biased around here, yet I still see contrary evidence and no solid proof, only claims that they got paid off or are fanboys.

You guys assume that just because this was hyped to be the "Definitive" version (PR Hype that both Sony and Bioware sold everyone, despite the PC version having superior graphics and all content for cheaper) that it is true. "Running on the ME3 engine" has PR propaganda all over it.

It seems that the included DLC was poorly ported and brought framerate issues significant enough for the review to report since that's where the issues seem to stem from, yet you guys are quick to call this nitpicking. Of course, other times you guys blame sites for NOT pointing out such issues in a game.

I don't get why people bother reading reviews if they just complain about ones that don't conform to the fans' opinion. These review sites have turned into nothing more than bragging rights for fans who must use them to show off a console's prestige.

FrankMcSpank2891d ago


Look man, it is what it is. You can't sit their trolling in the middle like always do. Look at the reviews and how they play out. Gamespot is being rediculous. You always have to try and make an arguement with all your comments. If I said I liked a game that got a 9 and said I loved it's sequel & it was better and bigger and more awesome and then gave it an 8, you would wonder why that is. Well this is GS. They have reviews that don't add up and on top of that nitpick to make excuses for taking away points. Quit trolling and arguing on this one. Besides, does a couple clipping moments in a DLC pack really fail the rest of the game? Sorry MS owns the first one, but look we brought you a really great Motion Comic. Since it comes in a code to download, GS feels this is a fail. Well GS is a fail, and if you want to argue and support this type of bad journalism then you fail too. You don't deserve the bubz you have, cause you only use them to argue man, knock it off.

TriggerHappy_2891d ago

Clearly Gamespot is biased. I read the article previously on IGN, and I understand their scoring based on their newest system so it's understandable that this game receive a 9.5, but to drop it .5 completely is ridiculous. One major defect with the DLC, and they drop it .5 points? How about you think about this: DLC came WITH the game. That's enough to balance out the problems with it.

My brother won't be pleased with this review. I hope he still gets it though. It's a remarkable game.

-Alpha2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

The DLC may come with the game but the PC version has the DLC and the full game for much cheaper. When you have issues with the DLC and game having framerate issues then clearly you have an issue


A couple of clipping moments? Gamespot said that the game has framerate issues, especially in one of the DLC packs. For a 1 year old port shouldn't you expect this not to be the case?

As for LBP, both games were by two different people. You assume that they both had the same opinion of the game.

I fail to see how any of this proves that the WHOLE site is biased. Yet when a review doesn't go people's way this is exactly what people do.

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Gambit072891d ago

Oh Oh, technical issues.

Sizzon2891d ago

Damn that ship just flew into the rocks, talk about technical issues. Anyway still picking up the ps3 version.

StarScream4Ever2891d ago

Oh who gives a flying duck, just picked it up and could not be more happier even if playing again after 360 and PC.

HelghastDrake2891d ago

wow does gamespot even play games before they review them. Who should i believe.. 20 sites that have gave it 9s and 10s and have all said its the superior version (even IGNorant) or Lamespot?

Lamespot is a joke, they claimed LBP2 was superior to LBP but rated it the same.

SonyNGP2891d ago

Score drama much?

An 8.5 is still a good score. Keep in mind that the game is a year old.

gypsygib2891d ago

So a 9 that comes out in December is better than a 9 that comes out in January?

guigsy2891d ago

Here we go again. Just as Gamespot is getting back into everyone's good books as well. When will they learn that EVERY PS3 game should be given a perfect 10?

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