BattleStrats Responds to Study Linking Video Games to Depression, Anxiety, and Bad Grades

This is a response to an article published on CNN that states Excess Gaming Linked to Depression, Bad Grades.

It seems that Video Games are under attack from almost every direction in society.

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lostinplace2740d ago

Give me a break. Whats next? Video games drive someone to murder?

xxxAnubisxxx2740d ago

I actually think I've heard that argument before, sad as it is.

DTMBSquid2740d ago

People Are really dumb for real

xxxAnubisxxx2740d ago

Always looking to blame someone else. I've been gaming for 25 years and I am none of those things

ASSASSYN 36o2740d ago (Edited 2740d ago )

And the only way that will make sense is if everyone had the same exact experiences as you.

xxxAnubisxxx2740d ago

No. Just proof that gaming doesn't make people stupid, stupid people make people stupid.

RacingLightning012740d ago

I love how these "researchers" take such an in depth look for the root of the problem. /s

yarbie10002740d ago

Yeah most kids are fat...that'll cause depression. But in game they can become a sexy girl with a perfect body who kicks butt.

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