Strategy Informer: Mass Effect 2 Review

From Strategy Informer: "For PS3 owners the wait to experience this thrilling ride is over and I can say, after playing both the Xbox 360 and PC builds beforehand, that this is the definitive product, the elite collectors edition that you should own, roll around in the mud with and eventually marry. Why? Because it really is as good as the score suggests.

The compensation for the 12 month delay and the absence of the original Mass Effect on the platform is the inclusion of Genesis. This narrated comic book retells the narrative of the first game before you're thrust, phoenix-like into the main game."

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Darkfiber2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

I'm kind of getting sick of reviews saying that the PS3 version is better simply because it has the DLC included. Why does everyone assume that people who had the game a year ago haven't gotten all the DLC already? I don't see how including all the DLC in the box is any different than me already owning all the DLC and it being there every time I go to play the game. Sure, it didn't come with it, but I already had it all months before the PS3 version even came out.

And after playing it so many times I don't think I could play this game without carrying over a save file from the first. Even small things like the interactions with Conrad Verner and Gianna Parasini make the game better. PS3 owners wont even meet those people or realize that they are missing content from the game.

hoops2891d ago

Its a nice perk that the PS3 version has all the DLC with it.
Saying that, the cost of the PC version of ME2 with ALL the content is vastly cheaper than the PS3 and Xbox360 version.
In the end...Who cares??? PS3 only owners get to play a fantastic game that is complete.

darthv722891d ago

regardless of platform. That should be what matters but to some it is more of the convenience of its delivery.

Sort of like those who got oblivion when it came out vs those who got it when it had all the dlc included. One doesnt invalidate the other as the main game is the same.

Now...more people can experience this great story.

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nickjkl2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

not all isnt their another dlc coming out soon

nevermind i most of mistaken massive effect 2 dlc with mass effect 3 being released this year

Darkfiber2891d ago

There is more coming but it's not going to be anything big. Bioware has a habit of releasing big trailers for every piece of content DLC, as well as talking about it and giving previews for it months before it comes out. It's going to be something small.

If anything it'll just be the fabled Alternate Appearance Pack 2 that everyone has been wondering about, especially since their website had the first labelled as "Alternate Appearance Pack 1" since it came out.

RankFTW2891d ago

Woah calm down man, it's just better because it is.

Christopher2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

I get where you're coming from with regard to being better because of DLC, but don't forget it's also a sign of what we will expect in ME3 on the PS3 and 360 as well. The graphics are definitely more comparable to the PC version of ME2. If they hadn't included the DLC with this release, they definitely would be facing a much tougher attempt to sell this game at the $60 price point.

As far as not playing through without carrying over a save file, in the PS3 version you can create the save file you want other than carrying over money/level bonuses. The 15 minute animated comic will allow you to select the necessary storyline options from the first, though is far from being the same as playing it.

I can't wait to go home and pop it into my PS3 and see what is different. Very interested to see how they changed mining, if at all.

Ares84PS32891d ago

It's not about the DLC.

It's about the performance and graphics.

MS2 on the PS3 uses the ME3 engine. Look slightly better than the 360 version.

Also having all the DLC on the disc is pretty cool too.

That is why they claim it to be better.

But I agree with you that this "minor" difference isn't something websites should be paradeing around like they do.

I think it's just fueling fanboy wars. But oh well...if that's what they want fanboys are more than willing.

ButterBomb2891d ago

Amen! Well said!

And considering the 360 version can be had for $15 Hoops is on crack! Even with the DLC costs it's still cheaper than the year old port.

Great game but the over emphasis on being superior stinks yet again of a major inferiority complex.

hoops2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

Dude, I grabbed ME2 for the PC for $9.99 NEW.

It is selling on Amazon for $15 right now for the PC. Steam had it on sale at one time for even less.
You can grab the entire deluxe version of the game for the PC for under $40...
The Xbox360 NON deluxe version on Amazon is selling for $19.99

The PC version is cheaper than the Xbox360 version. It runs better than the Xbox360 version. And looks miles better than the Xbox360 version. And PC gamers have the option of playing it with M+K, Xbox360 gamepad, PS3 game Pad and even the frekn Wii remote and then play the game on more than 3 monitors.
Without 3 monitors, you can play the game at TRUE 1080p or above this at solid frame rates with no frame drops. Something the Xbox360 version and even the PS3 version cannot do.

Who is on Crack? Lay that pipe down

ButterBomb2891d ago

I mis-read your comment Hoops. We are in agreement that the game can be had on 360/PC for almost nothing thus making it a great deal. But if all you have is a PS3 then by all means take what you can get it's a good game.

Rage_S902891d ago

im simply sick of your trolling so i guess were even

Darkfiber2891d ago

All I said was playing the DLC on 360 or PC is the same as playing the DLC on PS3, how is that trolling exactly? It's stating a fact.

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Darkfiber2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

Double post, oops.

ThatCanadianGuy2891d ago

Who would of thought? all that harping that it would never come to PS3, and it gets the best of the console versions.

Thanks EA! :)

sp1deynut2891d ago

...of "you're not a loser, even if you come in last". :o

ironmonkey2891d ago

its a complaint these fanboys will never get over. its on ps3 get over. who would of thought reviews are also still high for a year old game. usually it would score lower due to its the same game. just be happy ps3 owners get the better version. you whiners still got yours, just not better. ps3 wins again.