Mass Effect 2 PS3/360 Retail Screenshot Comparison

NowGamer compare Xbox 360 and PS3 retail code with one another to confirm whether BioWare's 'improved engine' really stands up.

"After BioWare confirmed the finished version of Mass Effect 2 would be considerably better than its demo on PS3, we couldn't resist another comparison between both final builds..."

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DualConsoleOwner2884d ago (Edited 2884d ago )

PS3 version looks better just like Bioware said.

and difference is pretty significant as well.
even Nowgamer says there is "clear" winner.

Xbox version has
bad lighting work.
No shadow.
No blood

PS3 version has

Higher resolution texture.
Better light work
has full shadow.
has blood

anthraxCZ2884d ago (Edited 2884d ago )

wow, xbox version looks better , again

2884d ago
SuperbVillain2884d ago

oh sir you must be blind,retarded,or just a fanboy.OR a combination of all 3

Tinasumsum2884d ago

I agree the PS3 version lost some of the gritty feel. Digital Foundry has some interesting words about the two versions.

FrankMcSpank2884d ago


By gritty feel you are refereing to the grain effect used to cover up the graphical issues? I like film grain sometimes(GTA IV LatD or House of the Dead OVERKILL) but didn't like it on the first Mass. It really only covered up the hiccups in the textures and such. I prefered how polished the PC version looked.

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Dread2884d ago

This should come as no surprise

they had a whole extra year to work and improve on it. Plus the playstation has more processing power.

On the other hand i am very happy that i enjoyed the game last year.

DualConsoleOwner2884d ago

actually they started working on it in August...

and they made the demo version by october which was released in november.

so technically 4-5 months to work on it which is not whole lot.

duplissi2884d ago

yeah but the game was already complete, so its not like they had to rewrite the story or build the levels from scratch... all they had to do was port the existing assets from the me2 engine into the me3 engine...

oh, i just realized this may very well be the first unreal engine game to look better on the playstation!!!

specialguest2884d ago

The PS3 version has a lot of inconsistancies in lighting and shadow. It's almost like they tacked on the new graphic engine without optimizing it.

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malyn2884d ago

malik : i was thinking to buy 360 just to play this game
thank you sony

gypsygib2884d ago

Thank EA and the fact that 360 gamers didn't buy that many copies considering the caliber of game, they bought more Fable 3 than ME2 surprisingly.

duplissi2884d ago

yeah WTF is up with that... fable is just... bleh its just too many ideas half baked... i will admit i havent played fable 3 but i just couldnt beat fable 2 it put me to sleep.... the first one was decent but #2, nah.

Feckles2884d ago

PS3 version certainly has more contrast, the shadows are more subtle on the 360 version.

ThatCanadianGuy2884d ago

Wow! PS3 version looks significantly better in all areas! I knew it was going to look better, obviously, but by this much? Good job bioware!

Soul Train2884d ago

DF - "Technologically it still feels like the Xbox 360 version has the edge"

What ever gets you to sleep at night.

Zonsenzo2884d ago

i love how the ps3 fanboys that plague n4g just are blind, they even comment without having a look at the hole article. I also saw the video and I'm sorry to say that the 360 version had the same and in some cases better textures than the ps3, it has better performance and the lighting overall looks better than the "lighter and more visible" ps3.

Finally it costs less....

but the differences are minimal, even though I hate the fact that too many 360 exclusives have been lost to the ps3, its a great opportunity for ps3 owners to play this game, one of the best of this generation.

quiddd2884d ago

I'm still playing on an SDTV. Is the text issue still there?

Drekken2884d ago

They should dedicate a group of 5 people to code to cater to the three people in the world with SDTV's.

Buy HD.

duplissi2884d ago

what is this "SDTV" you speak of?

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