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VenomProject2861d ago


JohnApocalypse2861d ago

Well its only the beginning and not halfway in the game

deafwing2861d ago

i will not watch this
i refuse ... grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrraaaahhh I want to watch it so bad!! LOLz :p

AntoineDcoolette2861d ago

the game is only a week away and the anticipation is killing me, must resist....

gunnerforlife2861d ago

"oops. theres been an error! please try again... sorry!"

anyone else getting that :/

karl2861d ago

jesus.. i wish i could stay away from this video..

cant help it though .. watching it right now

Ares84PS32861d ago


I can't sleep till this game comes out but I resist this.

Don't give in!!!

These first 15-20minute videos must stop! They ruin games for others.

karl2861d ago

actually the video isnt working for me..

maybe its a sign...

ok, going to sleep.. hopefully ill forget all about this by tomorrow..

CaliGamer2861d ago

I would suggest not watching the video. This is the kinda game where not knowing hightens the initial experience, I really liked the first one.

EA = Axis of Evil, except with this game and a few others. Can't wait.

TheLeprachaun2861d ago

EA have actually come on in leaps and bounds in my opinion. Activision is the new video gaming evil.

VenomProject2861d ago

Activision = Axis of Evil

There ya go, fix'd!

CaliGamer2861d ago

Axis of evil can equal one or more parties with the same nefarious intent, hence EA and Activision can = an axis of evil companies.

Lighten up guys, you would think I called your mothers whores. Sorry if they are tho. LOL.

Acquiescence2861d ago

He's not exactly the luckiest guy in the galaxy is he.

kramun2861d ago

I'm not gonna watch. My time in the SAS will give me all the strength I need to resist this urge.

I wasn't actually in the SAS, but I remember playing a game that was based in the SAS. That games training will give me all the strength I need.

Must focus.

Must focus.

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The story is too old to be commented.