Bioshock 2, Will it have mutiplayer?

GamesRadar: Do you think there is an undue emphasis placed on multiplayer elements in today's market?

KL: Yeah, of course. Well, there's always "Halo has multiplayer and Gears has multiplayer!" And those games have great multiplayer. If you go to Xbox Live, people are primarily playing the same two or three games. It's the same on PC - people are playing Counter-Strike and a few other things. Go to the store and look at the boxes: "multiplayer mode, multiplayer mode." I remember there was a popular single player game at the time when I was thinking about this problem. I went online and I looked on Xbox Live, and I realized six people in the entire world were playing this game multiplayer at that time...

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HeartlesskizZ3926d ago

Ofcurse it will, If they do want to make more money and the answer is on their hands then it sure will come to reality but we have yet to see.

Rockstar3926d ago

But if it has it...good I guess

ISay3926d ago

i have alot of friends but few who are into gaming multiplayer is new to console gameing and its a great way to meet people who like your hobbie, dont belittle multiplayer its the way gaming is going and its an important step for our medium.

WafflesID3926d ago

There is a place for multiplayer only games like Warhawk, and there is a place for single player only games like Bioshock. Honestly I prefer it when they are primarily geared for one or the other. You don't have to always make a game do both. And these are two perfect examples of that.

Rockstar3925d ago (Edited 3925d ago )

I'm not belittling Multi player, all I'm saying is there is no need for multi player for this particular game. One might say Bioshock (and perhaps Bioshock 2) are better without it.

@ WafflesID
I agree completely.

ShiftyLookingCow3926d ago

It should be like Splinter Cell where you have choose at first screen if you want to play Singleplayer or MP, which would make them look like different games. MP with plasmids would be great

WafflesID3926d ago

bah. Not if it means that any time is taken away from single player.

We will Have halo 3 and COD4. Do we REALLY need a bioshock multiplayer? No.

WafflesID3926d ago

Hmm apparently someone thinks Halo 3 and COD4 aren't enough for multiplayer.

Ok, how about Team Fortress 2?

Seriously, a multiplayer version of bioshock can't compete with any of these. Why take away ANY development time from the single player experience?

Jdoki3926d ago

There's plenty of great multiplayer games out there. If adding multiplayer to BioShock 2 detracts from the development of the single player experience I think that's a bad thing.

It was pretty obvious playing BioShock that the budget or deadlines or whatever started to pinch, as the game was definitely weaker towards the end. If the devs have to split resources and budget between single and multiplayer, then that's not a good thing for a story driven game.

I don't see this obsession with getting multiplayer in to EVERY game. There's still a huge market for intense, story driven single player titles, and long may that continue.

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