MySims Gets a 6.5 from GameSpot

EA sends the Sims to the Wii in MySims, and Ryan Davis delivers a tepid review.

"As easy and intuitive as the construction aspects of MySims are, they don't make up for the fact that the social dynamics that have been central to The Sims are all but absent. Your own sim doesn't have to worry about eating, sleeping, hygiene, holding down a job, or any of the other concerns that have plagued sims since the year 2000, and your interactions with other sims are limited, and almost always end up revolving around building something or collecting essence. These choices arguably allow the game to move more quickly, but they also obliterate any emotional connection you might feel towards these little virtual people.

The pleasantly goofy production and the ease with which you can build houses and furniture make it easy to burn a couple of hours with MySims, but it's ultimately more successful as a virtual dollhouse than anything else."

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