Ascension Black Ops Zombie Map Gets New Weapons, Perks and Enemies

The new zombie map included in the upcoming First Strike map pack will include two new weapons and two new perks. Ascension is set in a abandoned Soviet cosmodrome and has you playing as one of the regular cast of characters (Takeo, Nikoli, Dempsey, and Rictoffen)

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outlawlife2858d ago

Everybody wants everything for free, but the fact is somebody somewhere had to put time and effort into making these things. If you don't choose to buy it, that is your choice, but to constantly whine about price points is useless.

Activision set a price point where they cover their costs and they make a profit. Why whine about it when we all know it won't change.

Gamers need to grow up a bit, take a class in economics, and stay off of the internet for a while. The whole "everything should be free" mentality is getting old because honestly it is incredibly silly in the first place.

Until developers get free labor you aren't getting free DLC.

dkblackhawk502859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

Great news.

Ducky2859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

... Put all those old guns from the ProjectNova chapter (Mosin,Sten,PPsh, etc.) into a DLC for multiplayer and I'll buy it.

Nothing else interests me. =/

beavis4play2859d ago

PPsh would be an AWESOME weapon in any game. that and the wunderwaffel are my favorite zombie weapons - but i LOVE the bowie knife too!

NeutralGamer2859d ago


What is the guy on your avatar called?

Remember seing it on Disney channel but cant remember the name!

Shmotz2859d ago

Can't wait for it to release. Namely for Stadium and Ascension.

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The story is too old to be commented.