GAMER-0 # 37: Is Call Of Duty Doomed Because Of Hackers?

T-Hill writes: Lot's of stuff to cover today from Call of Duty being hacked, Akuma & Taskmaster coming to MvC 3, Free Realms coming to the PS3, huge install required for ME 2 and much more.

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Hitman07692771d ago

Yeah I often ask myself the same question, what are we going to do in order to deal with this? Really the gamers that don't cheat end up getting punished more than the cheaters themselves a lot and Treyarch claimed that they would do a good job at stopping them this time around. Let's see if they can handle the onslaught of hacking that is soon to come...

TurismoGTR2771d ago

Yup... Call Of Duty can easily be hacked within seconds.

and IM GLAD!

deadreckoning6662771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

@Hiphop- This is your most thought-provoking title ever. I'll be watching shortly.

EDIT: Apparently, this isn't HHG...should have known.

@TurismoGTR- And what do you think hackers will do after they've hacked COD? They'll move on to YOUR games of choice.

@THILLREBORN- I like your stuff. I'll be tuning in on future episodes!


No I'm not HHG but I am an editor on his site.

r1sh122771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

MW2, WaW, and COD4 all got hacked on the xbox easily..
THe xbox version of black ops had 1 hack which got patched, everything else has been glitches...
The same hacks will be coming over to the ps3 until either the ps3 hacks get fixed or they change something in the game..
I do find it a little annoying that robert bowling went quite public in blaming the ps3's security hacks for the in game hacks...
The xbox had the same hacks because the MW2 security was crap due to the game being unfinished.
Wheres his public response to that?

Shmotz2771d ago

Any popular title is at that risk.

Serjikal_Strike2771d ago

Can Geohot hack HHG website and just remove him from the internet?


I'm not the video!!!

Plus your a jerk because HHG is a great guy and you prove how your the lowest common denominator because you comment without watching the video you sheep!

KingPin2771d ago

Serjikal_Strike never said you were hiphopgamer. i was gonna report him as off topic but you seem to be giving yourself away. way to go dude!!

Tjernobieleke2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

Call of Duty is not doomed in my opinion. Not yet anyway. I'm holding my breath on this one until I see the next installment that Sledgehammer is working on now. Do believe Treyarch has what it takes to take the franchise to the next level but Sledgehammer can put a big dent in the fanbase if they don't deliver.

BTW; Just trying to be funny with WHG remark. No hate intended!

Serjikal_Strike2771d ago

"I'm not the video!!! "

no shit really?

"your the lowest common denominator because you comment without watching the video you sheep!"

I did watch about half cuz your just as annoying as your boss HHG

Tjernobieleke2771d ago

Hacking will never destroy franchises. It's developers and publishers that are entitled to that.

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You talk trash but do nothing but follow the sheep crowd...baaaa

With people on N4G you never know if they watched/read the article so the assumption is that all they do is look at the source link and respond. With all the HHG hate here my natural reaction was to clarify that I was not HHG but he went on to prove that all he wants to do is talk smack.

Serjikal_Strike2770d ago

what the fuck is it with you and SHEEP?

do you have some wierd fetish for SHEEP?

Fishy Fingers2771d ago

As much as I read about COD hacks, it's actually extremely rare that I see it happening in-game.

Der_Kommandant2771d ago

Call of Duty Doomed because Activision

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