Xperia Play reviewed on a video, no more secrets left

Sony Ericsson Xperia Play is probably the most rumored phone ever. It’s not released, it’s not even announced, but we have got specifications, hundreds of photos and finally Taiwanese website ePrice made Xperia Play review.

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Tommykrem2890d ago

It does look very nice. But I think of it more of an Xperia phone than the PlayStation phone that everyone was waiting for.

sinncross2889d ago

Because it is an Xperia Phone...

Tommykrem2888d ago

Excactly, but people are still talking about it as the PlayStation Phone.

tubers2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

Kinda Misleading. It was even kinda less of a preview than an actual review. Actually, far from a review. Wasn't even showcasing games that use the virtual nubs.

Spinal2889d ago

Day one buy for me, to replace my iPhone 4. One device to end them all!

Dont tell me bout PSP 2, I'm not interested in carrying any other device in my pocket other than My Phone.

Bolts2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

This phone must haven been designed for kids and college students because I don't see myself pulling this thing out in a professional environment. But most damning of all is the specs. It's already outdated before it's even announced when there are higher res, 4G dual core droids like the Atrix and Optimus X2 coming out. Hell, the Atrix even comes with 1 gig of RAM!

Spinal2889d ago

'I don't see myself pulling this thing out in a professional environment'

The fact you care about something like that is pretty sad. And it says alot about the type of person you are. Sad but true.

Who gives A single Sh1t what other people think of Your phone? lool I couldn't care less. Its still a touchscreen smartphone with a slide out gamepad for when You choose to game. I doubt you would be gaming in a 'professional environment' lool not a good look for when you're in a meeting is it?

A slideout gamepad for gaming makes far more sense then using touchscreen controls to play games.

Specs wise i'd like to see a dual core an so on but its not like it needs those specs to run PS1/psp games. Cause those chips didnt exist when the PSP came out right? lol

But lets wait for the actual Device to be announced before you Say what it can and Can't do.

specialguest2889d ago

Yes becuase it's MANDATORY that you must slide out the controlpad part in all "professional environment".

nevin12889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

@ Fanboi

" This phone must haven been designed for kids and college students because I don't see myself pulling this thing out in a professional environment."

lol. what is considered a professional environment? are u a regular visitor of this environment?

anyway, @ tubers

do you think virtual nubs can replace sticks?

personally I think this came out to late. I never had smartphone but i've been in the PSP game since late 2006 so why would want another PSP1 if indeed the PSP2 is rumored to be comming later this year.

Bolts2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

Oh you know, a job where you don't spend all day making fries. I work in the genome sequencing field and there's no way I'm pulling this thing out in a meeting. I'm eyeing an iphone 4 replacement right now and that Atrix looks like it could fit the bill.

Spinal2889d ago

This Ps Phone would replace my iPhone 4 Easily.

The idea of being able to play my emulators with actual buttons gives me true nostalgia thrills.

touchscreen gaming sucks ass. An i've got my jailbroken iPhone 4 on 4.1 with installous to know that for a Fact.

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