Final Fantasy Versus XIII: 15 Images Emerged

15 images of Final Fantasy Versus XIII have been emerged. Hint: Click on "Full-size image" to enlarge the images.

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maverick402888d ago

What?They are just stills from the video square released today.

MAJ0R2888d ago

sites always do that, just to try and say that new images "emerged"

Shang-Long2888d ago

you know whats amazing to think about. this video was what.. 6 mins? and we still have the world map driving in the cars , flying in the air ships and summons,

2888d ago
Eamon2888d ago

FFS. I had a gut feeling it would be stills from the shit quality videos on youtube and it is.

I seriously hate sites who beg for hits this way.

FACTUAL evidence2888d ago

Wow after seeing the youtube vid Newtype posted....I'm thrown off of FFvs13....seems like ff12 without the ATB line. I hate to say it but I actually think it should of been like ff13 battle system, but you can control all your characters, and they take out the whol party leader death/gameover BS.

HelghastKid2888d ago

dude its an action rpg. It seems like a more realistic kh than anything else. I cant wait for this

Eamon2888d ago

What HelghasKid said.

It was already confirmed ages ago it would be like Kingdom Hearts.

catguykyou2888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

I wasn't that impressed with the video shown today. The game graphically looked on par if not a little worse than XIII's graphics though at this stage things are still not polished which is to be expected. The gameplay looked interesting though the aiming of the gun looked slow and clunky and the sword play felt too slow. I'm really not sure how I feel about the vehicle combat parts. Fortunately, the game isn't released and will prob go through many more stages of polish before released.

OK, didn't see that. Someone at SE marketing needs to lose their job though cause making trailers using old builds of the game isn't smart. Apparently every time they release anything about this game, its from an old build and the new one makes the game so much better.

RedDead2888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

Ok, Nomura has emphasised tha the quality of this vid is an old build and doesn't have that new layer they were talking about quite a while back, you know the one he said made it look amazing, yeah that's not in this trailer.

GraySnake2888d ago

i think the trailers are still being slowed a bit cuz Nourma said noctis moves to fast in real time combat wise... idk there where parts that felt fine then other where it looked slow

Eamon2888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

wtf. The graphics were way better than FF13's.

It's called the 'shit video quality' of the stream/youtube video you saw.

Wait till the HD version comes out before you make dum judgements wow.

catguykyou2888d ago

So you read and commented on the first sentence in my comment. Did you agree with the other opinions I stated then? I'm more concerned about the gameplay then I am the graphics.

As far as graphics go, I am strictly referring to the gameplay segments as we all know the cinematics are normally of a higher quality.

Besides, like I stated in my comment. They mainly just look unpolished which is understandable. The game isn't due for a while.

RedDead2888d ago

I know yeah, I just don't see why they keep us up to date every few months, they should have shown some new screens aswell to give us an Idea of the differance in quality between that vid and the current build.

Seijoru2888d ago

You could tell that from an unfinished game and an extremely low quality video that probably wasn't even direct feed?

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Lirky2888d ago

It's going to be good im not trying to over-hype it and just enjoy it as square-enix rpg vision done in a different way. Like how its real-time action rpg style.

BubbleSniper2888d ago

this game look so epic

PS3 it only does epic.....

ps3rider2887d ago