Gamespot Gives Skate 7.5

Jeff Gerstmann dishes on the good and the bad of Skate's analog system, and more.

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Jack Bauer3721d ago

I think its a great game, more of a mid 8 worthy imo, but cant say i ever really agree with Jeff's scores anyway....i haven't tried many challenges tho, all i been doing is free skating...sooo much fun!!! TH i needed to do challenges to keep me occupied...this game just skating around is entertainment enough.

MalcomGrasley3721d ago

Jeff Gerstmann, what a pathetic tool. Anyone give a crap what little Jeffy has to say?


felidae3721d ago

no one

7.5 for Skate .. i never ever visit gamespot.

FCOLitsjustagame3721d ago

IGN gave it a 9 and gamespot a 7.5. Normally their scores are similar and are the two I look at along with the more important player reviews (which is averaging 8.7 on gamespot). I am also not that concerned about in game advertising (especially not on a game where you are skating around a city) so I will have to lean toward IGN on this one. Cant make any final say though until I play the game myself.

Korosuke3721d ago (Edited 3721d ago )

I agree.
But recently IGN tends to gives higher score easily in their reveiws and contents of their reviews seem to be sort of ad rather than a review.

In skate, IGN and GS both reviews pointed out about online lag thing.
GS review is always severe about technical problems and gives low score by that whether gameplay is good or not. In Bioshock review, GS gave low score same reason.
But in closing line, reviewer mentioned skate's potential and expected skate to become one of the best skateboarding game. To me, it's a good review.

Bolts3721d ago

They're so boring. Now maybe if you can shoot and kill people while skating I'll be more interested.

sfinXters3721d ago

Agreed! They should give it a 6 + "Too little blood" badge.
UT3 will be way better than Skate.

BrotherSic3721d ago

Having read most the reviews of skate., this is the only negative one.

He didn't like the audio which most have found fanstatic and complained about lag during online play. Lag causes problems in every game, be it skate. or Gears, but I guess I will give my judgement when I pick up the game.

I can see how the camera can become a problem but after playing the demo a few times poisitioning becomes easy.

Still thought he would have gave it an 8 from what he wrote but I am sure that not every person is going to like this game.

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