Top Ten Most Anticipated Games of TGS 07

The Tokyo Game Show is almost upon us. The land of paper cranes and Godzillas is about to belch out a whole bunch of games. nominates the top 10 most anticipated titles of 2007.

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sonarus3866d ago

damn almost 4got bout white knight story

nasim3866d ago

NG2 which is a dead franchise is no3 anticipated game in JAPAN????????

especially on a dead console like x360 which has sold just 400k in 2years and sells just 1k hardwares per week.

NG2 and RE5 are above FF13 in the anticipated list????????

RE5 is above MGS4 and FF13???

NG2 is above WKS ?????

NG and NGS both flopped in JAPAN. no one in japan likes those type of games.....NG 2 on x360 would sell atbest 20 k copies in its lifetime

spammy_nooo3866d ago

I'm mainly looking forward to mgs4, ffxiii, re5, ng2, and, even though it wasn't on the list, kz2.

that's a lot of abbreviations.

Prismo_Fillusion3866d ago (Edited 3866d ago )

I must admit I'm looking forward to a lot of those games as well.

I wish there was a law that wouldn't let developers release sequels within some amount of years of each other. It'd up the quality and innovation in each sequel, and promote new quality franchises. Obviously just a silly idea though. ;)

spammy_nooo3866d ago

I concur. Most people have the "I have want my sequel, NOW!" attitude, though.

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Shaka2K63866d ago

Come out with Team ICOs new proyect exclusive for PS3.
or maybe a PSP game who knows.

nurayi3866d ago

ya I am thinking that if they show it, it might be the sleeper hit of TGS. I mean if its anything like SoTC then its going to look stunning.

Solbadguy3866d ago

Give me Monster Hunter 3 exclusively for the PS3.

fopums3866d ago

100% agree



#5 White Knight PS3
#3 Ninja Gaiden 2 360
#2 Metal Gear Solid 4 PS3
#1 Resident Evil 5 PS3/360

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The story is too old to be commented.