Bulletstorm - New Trailer shows Enemies

Here's a peek on how we achieve the varied look of the enemies in Bulletstorm!

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jaredhart2617d ago

game is going to be awesome!

kevco332617d ago

Apparently, hair is an 'attachment'. All the bad guys in Bulletstorm wear wigs. ;)

WetN00dle692616d ago

Yeah, Hair is to Bulletstorm as Beards were to Medal of Honor.

WetN00dle692617d ago

Unfortunately though it releases the same day as KIllzone 3.
Multiplat gamers that are on a tight budget such as myself cant decide which one to
I think i might just go and sell a Kidney and buy

SpunkyMrSpiffy2616d ago

I was planing to sign a contract for my fist born son.

Legionaire20052616d ago

yep with the Gears of war 3 beta so Killzone 3 has some kind of a competition lol!!!

malyn2617d ago

this game is full of fun

DoomeDx2617d ago (Edited 2617d ago )

Lol they call this a trailer now?

Only good thing about this trailer is, that it didnt contain Cliffy B's face.

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The story is too old to be commented.