Kinect retakes number one in HULIQ game chart for Jan 17‎

Microsoft’s Kinect peripheral retakes the number one spot in HULIQ’s weekly top 20 tracking chart as pre-orders for 2011 titles and active games dominate the chart.

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hoops2588d ago

This should get interesting....

hoops2588d ago

Just the responses i figured. LOL

PirateThom2588d ago

It won't, it has no good games.

Mustang300C20122588d ago

Funny how somthing that holds no interest to u and others continues to draw u in to click and say somthing.

PirateThom2588d ago

It does hold an interest, it's popular but has no software worth a damn. The danger is everyone looks at that and says "hey, we could be making money off that" and no one invests in good games because shovelware sells a ton because people are idiots.

So, yes, I will continue to comment on it.

Mustang300C20122588d ago (Edited 2588d ago )

Seems like your opinion based on "little" experience with it. I have had it since the beta and I have been enjoying it myself. Kinect Sports and Dance Central are the two I play the most. I play Table Tennis online alot. Seems the majority of consumers enjoy it as well that have purchased it. Nothing is forced on you yet you complain like you have lost money or time spent on a produced you don't want. If you don't like the product how come your time isn't spent more on the products you do enjoy. Now u claim people are idiots for enjoying the games on it? Who the F*ck are you? What makes you a "better" gamer. What is with this self view of I am better because I don't play this or that BS. I have been enjoying good games on the PC, 360 and PS3 since I was beta testing Kinect. If the landscape scares you about what options u have to chose with games then GTFO. Find a new hobby to invest in then.

Godmars2902588d ago (Edited 2588d ago )

What the hell is the HULIQ game chart?

M-Easy2588d ago

My first thought also.

Stealth20k2588d ago

what games does kinect have again? like 5 casual ones>

MGRogue20172588d ago (Edited 2588d ago )

I really don't understand how this stupid thing has reached #1.....

ceedubya92588d ago

The Device, and some of the games that it has, are fun to play. It would seem that mmost people that have played it have generally liked it. Have you tried it out yet?

jneul2588d ago (Edited 2588d ago )

they took two eyetoys, added a ir sensor and voila kinect is born, add 500m marketing budget featuring whoring out to opera and justin beiber and any gimmick loving person will buy it, just joking but we all know where kinect took it's influnces from and eyetoy and eyetoy never worked out well in the long run.
and move is based on wiimote/pseye which can also do hardcore games and has lasted for 5 years, move is a very good improvement on wii because of the camera, and the fact it's precise and can do true 1:1 3d control with augmented reality and body tacking to boot as well, move will outlast kinect in the long run.

DiRtY2588d ago

What about all the "after xmas everybody will sell their Kinect sensors and ebay will be full of Kinect! The demand will decrease rapidly!" comments?

hoops2588d ago

That also came from the very same people who said:

"The Wii is a gimmick and will never sell..."
"The sales of the Wii won't last..."

btk2588d ago

Still stand by it...
The hype period will blow over...
New games release with Move support and no Kinect support.
Dancing becomes boring. More mini games at full price and less core games as MS tries to make a quick buck from the mini / casual games...

My XB360 core gaming friends have not gone for Kinect. Mostly because they are a very tech-savvy crowd, they can see what it can and can not do.

Bigpappy2588d ago

Open your eye 'btk', it is only just a dream.

BrianG2588d ago

Well you are right about the one part I suppose.

According to the new info Top Spin is going to support Move but not Kinect.

But I can see that going both ways. I'm sure there will be multiplatform games that only support Kinect. Maybe, maybe not.

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