The Sly Collection: How Sucker Punch Mastered Trophies

"It’s no secret; I’m a fan of the Sly Cooper series. I played all three on the PS2, and I received the Sly Collection for Christmas. I played through all three again, resulting in my first (and currently only) platinum trophies."- ChaingunPope

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Fir3truck2885d ago

I love Sly Cooper too only problem is I don't have a PS3. Great article Chain.

PirateThom2885d ago

One point, it wasn't Sucker Punch, it was Sanzaru Games.

clank5432885d ago

The trophies were a bit on the easy side. I'm not saying that I want ridiculously difficult trophies, but I got the platinum for Sly 1 in less than 5 hours. Sure, I've played the game numerous times, but I still want some challenge.

ChaingunPope2885d ago

Yeah it's kinda tough to find that balance.

TheStonedSheep2885d ago

I'm almost at the platinum on Sly 2 with very little effort, but the main thing Sucker Punch really got right was making finding trophies fun, and not a slug.

maxcavsm2885d ago

If I weren't grinding through 360 games right now, I'd be all over this.

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