Square Enix 1st Production Department Premiere Trailer Recap

The all trailer from Square Enix 1st Production Department Premiere (Final Fantasy Versus XIII, Final Fantasy XIII-2...)

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smashman982862d ago

lol was watching the dissidia trailer and realized the warrior of light looked like michael jackson

Crystallis2862d ago

i have the trailer on my ps3 and I said the samething when I saw him. Which is funny , the other CG shots of him doesnt look like Michael Jackson. Maybe this particluar trailer is a secret tribute to the king of pop?

Kon2862d ago

Shit, FFXIII-2 , the bad just got worse...

smashman982862d ago

lol i wish the trailer had explained why it needed a part 2

Eamon2862d ago

Apparently Lightning is trying to recover Vanille and Fang from their crystal state.

smashman982862d ago

yea but the first game was pretty much the samething except she was trying to recover her sister

Da One2862d ago

Agito and Versus.........I'll be waiting for those two, and i guess i'll need a new psp

no_more_heroes2862d ago

Versus looks pretty much like how I want Kingdom Hearts 3 to be. It even has the same command pane and options as KH. Still don't like that they were making this instead of KH3 (probably didn't have a choice), but I guess Versus looks good enough to tide me over until then.