Killzone 3 'much more fluid' than KZ2, promises Guerrilla

Guerrilla Games has promised Killzone fans that the third game in its flagship series will "play much more fluidly" than its predecessor - and reiterated that it has fixed the controller lag seen in KZ2.

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ForzaGT2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

killzone 3 will be badass, never had an issue with controller lag in killzone 2 infact (perhaps intentionally) it kinda made the weapons feel heavy and real

RedDead2891d ago

I've heard it's changed quite a bit, the reason I liked KZ was because it was differant than the other shooters that were, being heavy and all.

infamous-butcher2891d ago

I just hope you can put the sensitivity up more. KZ2 didnt go up enough.

Pixel_Enemy2891d ago

It did change, I was in the beta and it is a lot more smooth. It is like a cross between KZ2 and (I hate to say it but) COD. I think the change is actually for the better. It isn't twitchy but it's best described as smooth or fluid.

Killzoned2891d ago

I really liked KZ2 controls Too, i've never had a single problem with them. Although people stated that it tooked time to get used to, i got used to it fairly quick.
I know what your talking about the heavy weighty feeling, I heard they still have the weighty feeling but i guess aiming is more responsive

Krypto2891d ago

Oh man I can't wait for this!!! I better get off the killzone news after this, incase someone spoils it.

pangitkqb2891d ago

Looking forward to Killzone 3 and its control style. Killzone 2's controls didn't suffer from lag, however, they were just designed to feel "real." A big guy holding several guns and a bunch of ammo isn't exactly gonna be super fast.

I do look forward to a little faster though.

DA_SHREDDER2891d ago

So you play fps because they are "heavy and all"? Cmon man, you guys need to get real. Thats like saying I married my wife because of her personality. LOL!

ThanatosDMC2891d ago

I hope they dont copy COD to feed the casuals. Having no recoil, auto aim, and easy frags apparently is hardcore for COD players.

edgeofblade2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

@pogibaldy: It pisses me off how people rationalize games they want to like. Especially when it comes to a hyped game that needs to be a Messiah to something.

To be fair, the game design of KZ2's multiplayer was great. I loved the blend of different gametypes to mix things up and break up spawning influencing rushes to choke points. It was much more dynamic and more games should follow suit.

But the controls were, in fact, crap. GG patched it. Then they said they fixed it for KZ3. Why would they fix something if it wasn't broken?

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joydestroy2891d ago

i liked the weight in KZ2 as well. GG knows what they're doing though so i have no doubt i will like the changes

WetN00dle692891d ago

Thanks for the heads up!
I for one didnt really like the feel of the controls of KZ2. Online at least!

Commander_TK2891d ago

Yes, real weapons r heavy, but u still move fast when u carry them.

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The game comes out next month yet I still haven't seen the jungles of helghast.


SnakeMustDie2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

The jungle has been shown two times already. One in the short VGA trailer and the story trailer released recently.

The jungle is kinda dark and not as lush as the Crysis jungle.


Watched it like three times and I still see no jungle.

If that part where the guys being zapped by some green laser is the jungle then I'm very disappointed.

I guess the PS3 could't handle a lush alien jungle.

bageara2891d ago

It's suppose to be a harsh toxic planet.

Dr-Zoidberg2891d ago

@ Ultimate Revenge pause at 1:10 it is not hard to miss lol

NAGNEWS2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )


i know what the problem is, its because your mind has been blown away that is why you can't see any jungles :)

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DoomeDx2891d ago

I think Guerilla Games / Sony is playing it smart this time around (Admit it, KZ2 had bad advertisments).

I think they will release a whole bunch of new info closer to release. (One being, Online coop).

That way, the hype is there right before the game gets released!

Its better for the sales to reveal the best info at the last moment, because if everything gets revealed a year before release, people will lose there intrestest in a couple of weeks.

hazardman2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

I think their doing a very bad job marketing KZ3. I saw only 1 commercial all weekend long and it was like a 10sec. short, I was like damn that games deserve way more attention and hype!!
Also I read on one comment that the game play felt a lil like COD, Bungie did the same with Halo Reach and that worked out great. Looking forward to KZ3! Heres hoping it doesn't end up like KZ2 a great game that not a lot of people played. I bought the game and all map packs only to go online to find out not a lot of people were playing this masterpiece and that was awhile back....what a shame...

PSN- hazardman79

DoomeDx2891d ago

^''I hope it doesnt end like Killzone 2. No one plays that anymore''

Im probally playing a diffrent game then. I see TONS of active games!

wenaldy2891d ago

You missed the part of Story Trailer.. Remember bunch of Helgast were riding robo-spider? They were in "that jungle".. Note that the jungle is not lush as jungle in Crysis, rather than misty, alien-looking..

redsquad2891d ago

We have seen snippets of the 'jungle' (see the "We know what they do to prisoners" line during the 'story' trailer)

We haven't seen the 'space combat' levels yet though, and I'm happy to keep it that way - I had no idea about the Mech Suit or New Sun turret sequences in KZ2 until I played the game, and they were pleasant surprises.

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0neway2891d ago

Can't wait until Feb.22! I played in the alpha code stage of development and i absolutely LOVED IT!

marcindpol2891d ago

just cannot wait, getting more and more hyped with every day passing,

getting collectors edition btw:)

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