Has Call of Duty gone downhill? (Part 2)

Overall, the Call of Duty franchise has made lasting effects on the FPS realm. They have had a massive variety of features created and then copied by other games. Sadly, one of those is dedicated servers. It is a sad day whenever gamers see a PC game actually advertise dedicated servers on the back of the box.

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awiseman2889d ago

NOOOOOOOOOO, its better than ever!

Spydiggity2889d ago

the game isn't going down hill. it started at the bottom where all the noobs like to play it safe, and it never left.

Shackdaddy8362889d ago

No. It was good CoD4 and back about. WaW was pretty good but after that it just went straight down.

MerkinMax2889d ago

All I know is that I deserve a full refund from Amazon. I just bought the Modern Warfare double pack and I run into this shit. The game is BROKEN, but unfortunately, I had to open it to find out.

thereapersson2889d ago

You don't need a 2 part article to answer "yes" to this question...

AAACE52888d ago

I like CoD 2, it was what got me into CoD games. Liked MW 1 and 2, despite their problems. And I hate every other CoD game.

I am waiting for another good game to come out so I can trade Black Ops to an unsuspecting sucker. Hopefully Homefront, if that turns out well!

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Solidus187-SCMilk2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

COD 1 and 4 were amazing for me. I havent really wanted any of them since COD4 tho, defiantly going down hill, but more people are buying it than ever LOL.

edit- I think COD1 was one of the best WW2 games ever, second only to Medal of Honor: Allied Assault IMO.

marioPSUC2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

Sadly not yet. Black Ops sold more than MW2, and im sure the mappack for black ops will sell more than both the DLC for MW2.

The next game will probably sell even more. I think eventually it will go downhill, but not anytime soon, even with all the problems PS3 users are having, and all the overrall complaints about the game, millions still buy the game, and tons still play it day after day.

awesomeperson2889d ago

But sales do not equal quality.

Its NOT gone downhill sales wise, but quality wise, it definetly has. After Cod4 things started to go down hill.

Ducky2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

Sales don't equate quality, but are usually a good indication of quality.

Consumers don't continually keep buying the same line of products of poor quality. CoD's sales have increased every year, which means it's doing something right. Ads can't make someone play a game that they don't enjoy.

The article is written from the PC perspective though. Although it's lamenting over an issue that isn't just isolated to the FPS genre.

That, and BC2 and Blops have about the same active player base on PC. While CoD4 and CoD2 still remains the second and third most played games on xfire. Meaning that, as far as the PC platform is concerned, CoD is going downhill along with it's sales.

Number of players playing the game shows where the quality is. Higher sales usually means more people playing. Thus, sales are an indication of quality.

supremacy2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

Sales wise no, everything else wise yes.

Too many back to back, they all feel rushed and unpolished to say the least nevermind them old map packs they save and sell as new.

Servers arent really dedicated and there are too many cheaters around.
Not like this is the only franchise with these issues, but being one of the biggest one would think they put more effort in the overall development of these games and not so much in marketing like they usually do.

imvix2889d ago

They need to make a yearly release, hence there is no quality test or any room for creativity, its the same game rehashed with some new maps and perks thats about it.

femshep2889d ago

into the ditch on the side of the road then set on fire good with the first couple thank you very much

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