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Steam on PS3: Why Portal 2's Revolutionary Features Matter

The VideoGameWriters look beyond the exciting Portal 2 announcements to imagine what the future might hold for Steam, PS3 and gamers everywhere. (PC, Portal 2, PS3, Steam)

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redwolf  +   1655d ago
m$ missed a big opportunity here
Captain Tuttle  +   1655d ago
Indeed they did
This could be very big going forward although I have a feeling that brick and mortar retailers will put an incredible amount of pressure on publishers to keep their titles off of PS3 Steam. They don't want to see console DD take off like it has with the PC market. The Gamestop PC section is laughable.

Edit: Will this enable cross-game chat on the PS3? I know it'll have cross platform chat in Portal 2 but if you could chat, through Steam, with anyone playing anything on PSN that would be huge for Sony. Although if that was the case I'm not sure what Valve would get out of it? Maybe Sony moneyhats?
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AKS  +   1655d ago
I hope this goes well and opens the possibility of some Left 4 Dead cross-platform co-op play. Probably not already released L4D games, but maybe a sequel down the road could allow this to happen. I buy all my Valve games on PC, but I'd like to play some Valve games with my PSN friends.

Valve was pretty harsh with the PS3 (I remember it well as a launch 60GB owner), but they've doing more than expected to make amends for the way they behaved.
NYC_Gamer  +   1655d ago
MS with their strict xbl policy
MariaHelFutura  +   1655d ago
Most dictators are.
Letros  +   1655d ago
MS would rather do this with Windows Live/Xbox Live, Valve and MS are not exactly buddy buddy.

Though any attempt by MS is futile on the PC side, Steam is a freight train.
AKS  +   1655d ago
A quality that my GFWL supported PC games all seem to share is that they crash all the time, especially Fallout 3 and Bioshock 2. I think I'd rather go with Valve on this.
killyourfm  +   1655d ago
If Sony's aggressive (But admittedly failed) approach with the PSPGo is any indication, though, they're actively pursuing the digital distribution frontier on PSN. Brick and mortar may not like it, but they may not have a choice in 5 years or so.
Captain Tuttle  +   1655d ago
The only wrench in the works with the brick and mortars is that most console hardware is still sold though them and from what I understand they make very little to nothing on the hardware sale. The money comes from the software sale. That's why the PSP Go was so expensive...the retailers wanted their cut. If DD takes off then either console prices will rise or console manufacturers profits will go down. Something has to give.
UltimateIdiot911  +   1655d ago
I hope the unlock is through a code that way people who rent/borrow game won't simply just unlock the PC version thus getting rid of this feature in the future.

I'm making a note here: HUGE SUCCESS
It's hard to overstate my satisfaction.
Letros  +   1655d ago
edit - err, my poor reading comprehension =)
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Da_Evil_Monkey  +   1655d ago
OMG EPIC! does anyone know if there will be a downloadable version on PSN that we unlock if we buy PC version? or is it just PS3 unlocks PC version, because PC version is cheaper.
Letros  +   1655d ago
I don't think it will ever work the other way around, PC gamers don't have to pay the royalty fees.
Da_Evil_Monkey  +   1655d ago
Oh well, I'll just get the PS3 version, seen as though I get PC version aswell.
MajestieBeast  +   1655d ago
I was gonna buy the pc version but now im buying ps3. Woohoo free pc game and i thought they couldnt trump last years 14 day holiday sale.

Also this could be a big step for a sony and valve partnership on ps3.
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BShea  +   1655d ago
Wow, that really makes me think twice about getting it for the Xbox 360. Most of my friends will play on the 360, so I bet I'll still get it for that, but wow...
teething  +   1655d ago
If the quality of the online play is good (you get what you pay for)... this will be revolutionary.
MariaHelFutura  +   1655d ago
PSN online games has less lag than XBL online games.

A good example would be Halo 3 and Killzone 2. Plus, Killzone 2 is 10x more chaotic then Halo 3. Personally I`ve never seen/had KZ2 lag once and that again is crazy considering the chaos that would take place after both teams tactictians dropped spawn points in the room where the objective is.
teething  +   1655d ago
Look, I own all three consoles... and on average, online is much better/faster/more stable/dependable across the board on the 360... especially when huge games like COD/Halo/GT5/KZ2 first come online.

Killzone multiplayer is great but lags at times. I find it depends on the connection I have that day. Sometimes it is flawless, sometimes a disaster (crashing). Mostly in between.

Xbox live may cost 60$ a year... but it gives a more stable online experience overall. It can't be denied, despite the quality of games like Killzone.

Live is a big money maker for MS, and PSN is a big money loser for the PS3, but I prefer the mentality of PSN and Valve. The question is if such a mentality will be financially feasible. Sony must have a lot of $$$ in it's war-chest from PS2 days to take such big financial losses this gen. But I respect their position... to claw back from a slow start and high entry prices they need more value added offerings like free online. The problem is that it kills profits. When the next gen console war heats up... Sony investors will expect to see large profits. But will the war-chest be empty?

Nintendo and Xbox will be sitting pretty next gen and will put up an even stronger fight, but I hope PS3 can keep in the battle and continue with it's current mentality of free offerings... because it only benefits us gamers. I just hope they can afford it next gen... I fear Sony will be forced to go the way of Live fees.
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MariaHelFutura  +   1655d ago
I own a PS3 and 360. Mind you I don`t have XBLG I have XBLS but some of my friends play on XBL and when I`m over there playing it lags more, and it not the connection because they own PS3s aswell which I play on there too. The only game that I`ve seen consistantly lag on the PS3 was LBP1 and that was really only when you had 4 people, which BTW has been fixed in LBP2. MAG is another great great example. Now that I think of it basically every 1st party PS3 title (besides LBP) doesn`t lag really at all. MAG, GT5, UC2, KZ2, MGS4, WO:HD, WKC, Demon Souls, RFOM, R2. With multiplats I have no idea. alot of the multiplats I play SP. Some on the 360, some on the PS3.
AKS  +   1655d ago

I use LIVE, PSN, and Steam, and I have not found these fantastic advantages of LIVE over the other services.

Regarding LIVE versus PSN specifically, I've found that LIVE tends to work more consistently for third party games, especially from smaller developers. However, I've found the first and second party games on PSN have been quite impressive, especially MAG, Resistance, Killzone 2, Warhawk, and others, many of which have dedicated servers (which LIVE tends to lack) and higher than usual number of players per game. MAG running as well as it does with such a massive player count is stunning. Resistance 2's 8-player co-op was also incredible in scale and ran quite well (too bad about the rest of R2, though...).

In summary, in my own experience I have found that LIVE tends to be more consistent (works pretty well most of the time) whereas PSN has higher peaks and lower valleys online (superb in top form but more problems with third party games). Overall, they're pretty close, but PSN is free.
dragon82  +   1655d ago
Takt that crap somewhere else.

PSN and Live are no different when it comes to online play. I have both hooked up to the same router and modem and they run exactly the same. The only difference is that almost all PS3 exclusives run on dedicated servers while multiplats like COD don't. This is why you can have up to 256 players in a single match in MAG with zero lag.
ic4ruz  +   1655d ago
Why don't we PC gamers get a Portal on PS3 for buying on PC ?

Because Sony are greedy bastards.

I'm suprised by the response to this, I thought Console players didn't want the PC experience :/
ksense  +   1655d ago
well when it is FREE... no one is going to complain now would they. I play on PC mostly and play all the exclusives on ps3.
distorted_reality  +   1655d ago
Am assuming that you won't actually be able to (at least initially) download full games from Steam on the PS3, as the Valve servers already get overloaded when new games are released.

If this is true, then I doubt Valve would be happy to send each person who buys P2 on PC a PS3 disc copy of the game lol.

It's pretty much all speculation at this point, but I personally believe that Valve would have to substantially update their infrastructure to support full game downloads on the PS3.
chak_  +   1655d ago
Rofl @ all ps3 players thinking they'll have steam on PS3.

You will get Steamwork guys, STEAM ... WORK, which is a service, not the ditribution thingy.
Ravenor  +   1655d ago
I was thinking the exact same thing, I could have sworn that the Steamwork integration was more about streamlining the update process.
Persistantthug  +   1655d ago
@chak_.......FOR NOW.....but the future holds many possibilites.
Notice NETFLIX, VUDU, MUBI, HULU, and all of the other video buying services on PSN even though Sony has it's own?

It's apparent that Sony has MUCH greater aspirations with PSN than just games only.

It just so happens that Valve is the biggest online games distributor, and if you can see the bigger picture than you can see what's going on....in between the lines, if you will.

One day, you will be able to purchase games through Valves "set shop portal" via the PSN.

Valve isn't doing this big network endeavor all for fun and games.
chak_  +   1655d ago
aspiration....if....one day...later

That's great dude, we live in the present though
Persistantthug  +   1655d ago
@chak_.....Wasn't too long ago that the thought of Valve making games for the PS3
for the PS3 was only an "if" proposition too.

If I would have told you at this time last year, that Valve was going to bring STEAM or STEAMWORKS to the PS3......hmm....well, what would you have said or done, chak_?

Anyways, sometimes it's good to read in between the lines.

But until then...

chak_  +   1655d ago
I wouldn't have said anything, I don't really care in fact :D

I just wanted clarification. if steams come to PS3 i've no problem with that, but I keep seeing in all steam thread ps3 users saying "oh noes, I want my plastic box".

So the real question is : if steam as a distribution plateform comes to PS3, will you really use it, or do you just want to fight with xbox player for who has valve' support ;)
Persistantthug  +   1655d ago
I think both STEAM and STEAMWORKS to the PS3 is good for all gamers
Xfanboy  +   1655d ago
I would buy it for ps3 but controllers ugh! But still this is great news!! for ps3 owners!! I wonder if ps3 will also get motion control support..
WeaseL  +   1655d ago
Valve & Sony, I'm making a note here, huge success
distorted_reality  +   1655d ago
Is a shame only 4 people got this.
Nicaragua  +   1655d ago
If Sony integrates Steam and all its community features into the XMB then this could be a way around getting cross game chat on the PS3.
N4OGs  +   1655d ago
anyone playing portal 2 on x360 is pretty much a dummy.
get the ps3 or pc version peeps. Its 2011 and if you dont have a ps3 by now throw away you hdtv because u aint using blueray and you aint using games that actually use hdtv to its fullest. ps3 ftw with the best games.
Ravenor  +   1655d ago
Yeah the 5 games(NATIVE!!!) on the PS3 that run natively in 1080P are really pushing that new tv set.
Captain Tuttle  +   1655d ago
Little off topic but I just finished reading the Ravenor Omnibus. Good stuff there. Now re-reading the Gaunt's Ghosts stuff.
divideby0  +   1655d ago
big step for Valve... as Gabe chokes on his PS3 dissing..
wish someone from the media would step up and ask him about his turnaround
insomnium2  +   1655d ago
He talked about it himself at e3 I think. He basicly apologised to every PS3 owner on stage. I don't see how someone can hate the man after that.
hot111  +   1655d ago
Revolutionary feature...cross chat,lol
Valve is giving PC portal "for free" because it's their game and they want PS3 version to sell(obviously they have some kind of deal with Sony).Don't expect others to follow...
The real question is,will PS3 portal support mouse and keyboard?
Persistantthug  +   1655d ago
"obviously they have some kind of deal with Sony"
HOT111 said,
"obviously they have some kind of deal with Sony"


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