Little Big Planet 2′s controls are still terrible

SarcasticGamer - Forget the rose bouquets being thrown around the Internet for Little Big Planet 2. I know, I know, you really want to like the game. Yes, yes, I know that IGN gave it a 15 out of 10. For others, it’s a Playstation 3 exclusive, which means, good or bad, it’s going to be an AWESOME game because it’s a Playstation 3 exclusive.

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Dannehkins2805d ago

I never noticed this when I played the demo. I was having a great time.

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poe2805d ago

Malware detected by Google Chrome on your site.You might wanna fix that. ANd no Im not trolling.

HolyOrangeCows2805d ago


LBP had "terrible controls"? That's news to me.

goflyakite2804d ago

Dunno if this is supposed to be sarcastic coming from "sarcasticgamer" because I don't feel the need to read it. But, I've said it before, why can I and hundreds of thousands of other players around the world play and ace levels with no sweat? Just because you suck with some games doesn't mean the game is bad.

killcycle2805d ago

If you create a small-single platform square on the front most platform with a small hole in the middle and then have your Sackboy jump inside it from behind you'll notice you can't get out unless you suicide.

They should let you hold up or down as you jump to direct which platform you wanna land on.

FAGOL2805d ago

@dragon LOL your reply reminds me of Steve Jobs reply for the antenna problem on the iPhone4. 'then don't hold it that way'.

Christopher2805d ago

I think people misunderstand that the 'controls' are done on purpose as a form of having to learn to play LBP rather than acting like every single other platform title out there. Kind of like how RE changes things up by requiring you to stop in order to shoot.

It's not about 'crappy controls' and about different controls that force you to learn and play a bit differently.

FACTUAL evidence2805d ago

i don't see how the controls are "terrible". All you dou is run forward, backwards, or jump. The jump is perfect in my opinion. Most retards don't like to listen to the tutorials nowadays, hold x for a long floaty junp, or just press x for a nice steady jump...

People nowadays say anything to try to make a Tripple A game look C.

InTheLab2805d ago

I agree. I sometimes wonder how gamers that complain about LBP controls survived playing games in the 80's. Then I remember most of these people were probably born in the 90's.

otherZinc2805d ago

I agree with the author.

I'll never forgive a game with bad controls, Never! Yeah, you can make your own "mini games"? So what! If the controls suck, whats the point.

Hay, to each his own, however, I'll never sacrifice control for anything. Control is the most important quality of any game!

Kakihara2805d ago (Edited 2805d ago )

Both you and this Skipper person below me mention how you can create 'your own minigames', this just shows you've either never even played LBP or are blinded by bias.

I can understand from the outside you'd imagine all the user created levels to be crappy little minigames and most youtube vids that get uploaded from the game do nothing to show otherwise. I myself didn't bother playing an online level until I'd had the game for about two weeks since I was sure they were going to suck.

Once you actually play the User created content on LBP you'll see how many of them (enough to give you a new thing to play just about every day) are longer and more intricate than any level in the actual game. You wouldn't believe the time and effort some people put into creating brilliant things for the community to play free of charge and also the pleasantness of the community as a whole.

Of course you can brush this off and tell yourself you're only missing a bunch of minigames which is sad because you're making yourself miss out on so much more.

The_Claw2805d ago

right zinc, cuz youve played LBP on your imaginary PS3. Now go back to playing Halo and telling everyone how great it is lol

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xskipperx822805d ago

LBP DOES have horrible controls

Pixel_Enemy2805d ago

What ever you need to tell yourself to feel like you aren't missing out on one of the greatest games this gen.


The controls are horrible from what I played in LPB1.

xskipperx822805d ago

But it's not one of the greatest games this gen. It's a good game that allows you to make sub par mini games.

dragon822805d ago

The controls are just fine. It is one of the best games I have played this generation.

Proxy2805d ago

LBP is one of the few games to do something new. The subtitle of the first game has become the name of an entire genre of games; "Play, Create, Share." It may not be the absolute first of its kind, but it is an early champion of the genre.

Saying LBP isn't great is like saying Wolfenstine or Doom aren't great.

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wingman32x2805d ago

I wouldn't call them terrible. I just recently picked up the first one(GOTY Edition). It was $12, which is a downright steal at that price.

Anyway, after extended time with the game, I realize that I was overexagerating a bit when talking about the controls of LBP. Yes, the jumping is floaty, but it's not as bad as I remembered when I rented it over a year ago. Personally, I like tight jumping in my platformers. I think of it as a prerequisite for ALL platformers. However, loose jumping works for LBP.

The main reason for this is because the game is designed to accomadate it. Unlike most platformers, there's very few moments(at least in the default levels) that require precise jumping. So it's not like the game is full of high risk jumps, and the dev's gave you loose jumping. That's not the case here, though. So that's why I don't mind too much about the loose jumping.

However, one thing that kind of annoys me is the background/foreground mechanics. I think that needs work for LBP 2.

gamerz2805d ago

Agree that LBP has floaty controls. However in LBP2's defense you can add physics suits to your sackboys to change the default physics, so that should 'fix' this problem. At least I hope so since I'll probably buy this anyways just to try out the awesome level creator.

Besides, even if I don't end up liking it I'm happy to support Media Molecule for making such a creative game - just like I did the first one.

jmare2805d ago

Yet what people don't realize is why LBP has floaty controls. It's because of the level creation. The reason why other platformers have pixel perfect controls is because the levels are designed by professionals who take months, if not years to perfect the levels in their games. The average level creator in the LBP community spends a few hours on their levels. Having pixel perfect controls in LBP would render almost all of the user created levels unplayable because of poor design. The controls may be floaty, but they are floaty for a reason.

Close_Second2805d ago

My kids and I played the LBP2 demo to death and we didn't mind the controls at all. You have to keep in mind this is a platformer for all generations and gamer types not just those who seem to think playing games is a living.

Honestly, this feels like GT5 all over again. That is, focus on anything that is remotely negative to make the entire game seem like a failure. Now all we have to do is wait for a posting of "Epic LBP2 Control failure" or something of that nature. Honestly, these anti-something viral campaigns are just plain disgusting.

jerethdagryphon2805d ago

i love the floaty jumping its 'fun' yes mario or sonic is tighter but to me there not as fun

Redempteur2805d ago

not at all ,

check the demo and make your own decision ..i think them great ( the controls )

infamous-butcher2805d ago

Still terrible?? as in What do you meen still? when were they ever terrible.

Redempteur2805d ago

you're replying to yourself ?


infamous-butcher2804d ago

I was quoting myself. So what if i left out the quotation marks.
I thought even that would be understandable to anyone with an english gcse.

DelbertGrady2805d ago

In many ways an innovative game but it's no Mario when it comes to the platforming part.

PirateThom2805d ago (Edited 2805d ago )

It's not supposed to be like Mario...

mac_sparrow2805d ago (Edited 2805d ago )

indeed, Mario games are great games, but for me the wealth of content on offer means that LBP s**ts all over it.

Still like me some Mario though.
They're different, that's all

Motorola2805d ago

Mario games are getting EASIER, AND EASIER AND EASIER. Thats why I play the hacks on my computer. Kaizo Mario is insane...but LBP isnt Mario so what do you expect?

kingboy2805d ago (Edited 2805d ago )

Well maybe because it's not trying to be Mario dump [email protected] trolling attention whore

dragon822805d ago

The only people who ever said it was supposed to be like Mario are stupid "journalists" and fanboys.

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