It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad (Café) World

A 1 year old boy drowned in the bath while his mother was on Facebook playing Café World. Shannon Johnson, 34, told police she was playing the game, checking status updates and sharing videos when the incident occured. Her son had been in the bath for 10 minutes she admitted, but she had only checked on him once. After a few minutes, she realised she couldn’t hear her son playing and went to check again, there she found him laying on his side, with his face in the water, according to the arrest affidavit.

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redd0r2767d ago

That is insanely sick!

TheStee2766d ago

I am an avid gamer and I can't imagine leaving my child alone. I refrain from toilet trips if I have to wait in for a package delivery, I don't think I would let a child out of my site!

Xbox360PS3AndPC2765d ago

Motherfu*kin Cu*t Bit*h, She Should Get Raped By Dogs

Kon2765d ago

Dogs? nah. Horses? yes.

colon2765d ago

Who would have thought that casual gamers could be dangerous too.

NMC20072765d ago

Casual gamers are people too and all people are stupid.