Final Fantasy Type-0 trailer is amazing

GamingBolt: "We have a brand new trailer of Final Fantasy Type-0 XIII trailer is amazing for you to enjoy."

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cyborg2766d ago

can't wait to play the game.

RSPproductionz2766d ago

so this will be one of the last big psp games. id say this will give another huge boost for psp in japan where it has outsold the ds for the last year

Nugundam00792766d ago

Arent you twisting the facts a bit? PSP only out sold the DS when certian games were released,not through the whole year.

RSPproductionz2766d ago

no overall for the whole year it sold more than the ds

fatstarr2766d ago

I think you are wrong. the DS across all versions has sold more than the psp. psp might be in a close battle with the DSIXL but with the rest...

And now we know what type-o is here i thought it was some new game.

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maruyuki2766d ago

holy shit

no wonder lord of arcania or w/e that game was called looked like shit


StbI9902766d ago

Soooo eager to see what can they do with fantasy vii remake anyone? since crisis core was on psp it would makes sense to it to land on the psp2.

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RedDead2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

Well that's two S-E games on my list of Day 1's. About Fu**ing time though, been waiting for years S-E.

edit-- Rashid, they could easily call the differant names, dunno why the don't but still, none of them have anything in common besides being RPG's

gameseveryday2766d ago

Again some BS milking series by square enix. Damn I already grow tired. last year 3-4 ff games, this year they are gonna cross limits. I pity them.

NoobSessions2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

Whats with the explosion of SE news today?

cyborg2766d ago

where all of this got revealed. :)

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The story is too old to be commented.