Bad Company 2 Server Restart

It seems our good friends over at Dice and EA have identified the matchmaking issue. The solution will involve a server restart that will happen within the hour.

They are also working on an early warning system to prevent this happening in the future.

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Hanif-8762800d ago

I'd wish my stats would get erased because my friend was playing and all i have now is 1.44 KDR and nothing under 2.00 is acceptable to me. Its taking me ages to get it back up there :-(

Mmmkay2800d ago

i think you got it mixed up...

Persistantthug2800d ago

it usually means you are a camping recon sniper that doesn't do much to help their team...not always, but usually.

Your WIN/LOSS ratio is more important.
After a while, your wins and losses begins to tell a story about you.

Ducky2800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

KDR means next to nothing in a game like BC2 unless all you do is Squad DM.

Can't you create a new blank account though? That's the desperate course of action.

Hanif-8762800d ago

@Persistantthug My Recon score is the lowest and my Assult score is way up there, i just usually watch my back and try to aim for head shots first. I play a very tactical game.

Megaton2800d ago

I wish I was as cool as you.

GoldPS32800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

I play for fun. I don't get why kids play for KDR. I don't even know what my KDR is and I don't care. I guess having good stats must make you feel like you good or cool. It's just a game but I guess some people take gaming differently than others.

SwampCroc2794d ago (Edited 2794d ago )

@Persistantthug..... I understand the KDR talk you mention... but however BFBC2 has no stat that tracks Win/Loss ratio.... all it does is show how many times you've won a particular game mode such as Rush or Conquest, etc...

So therefore there is no true way of telling how many physical games you have played total or in each mode. So, therefore you wouldn't be able to find your relative Win/Loss ratio....

So in that regard my friend your logic is flawed.

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InfectedDK2800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

Now this is real support.
Might get this game soon for PS3.
Should have bought instead of Black Ops though I like it.
Well... It's really unstable :/

Ok, cool. Well atleast they aren't threatening to close down and giving up, they "repair" instead. However strange they did not say anything on this issue.

jdktech20102800d ago

To be fair, it took them nearly a week and a half and they had little to no contact with the playerbase on this issue. We were in the dark about what was going on.

I still prefer DICE and EA over Activision's support but they aren't always angels

gta28002800d ago

I'll probably sell my black ops and just get BC2. I never traded or sold a game since I bought my PS3, Ive built up somwhat of a collection but this I will do.

outwar60102800d ago

im thinking of buying this is there a goty version planned?

jdktech20102800d ago

Ultimate Edition already out but no idea if they'll have one with Vietnam

Honestly, I would buy regular edition and buy vietnam.....all you need as BF1943 and Onslaught aren't as good imo

make sure you buy it new though

Zorda20972800d ago

The cammo available in Specact really does work wonders. Worth purchasing that dlc too :)

Ducky2800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

Well, there's a 'deluxe' version for PC (which is an odd bundle considering the individual games are cheaper than the package) so maybe it's a precursor to a BC2+Vietnam bundle for consoles?

The game is worth the asking price anyways. =)

outwar60102800d ago

thx i'll get the ultimate edition

GamerPS3602800d ago

I am an AN and PP guy :D

I just played this game for about 3 hours today after long time break. It is still fun but I noticed there were alot of new players.

electricshadow2800d ago

Is this why every game I joined had like three people in it? Glad to hear they fixed it.

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