Portal 2 Announcement: Microsoft’s Mistake Is Sony’s Gain

NowGamer: Oh, Gabe Newell. How things change. Once you were Sony’s biggest critic, frequently turning up in the gaming news to deride the company’s console or criticise its way of business. But then came Sony’s E3 2010 press conference, and with it an incredibly newsworthy quote of an altogether different kind...

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Feckles2892d ago

Can't believe MS didn't see this coming. Massive steal for Sony.

DualConsoleOwner2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

Sad fact is because MS wants to control and get paid by everything on XBL, you end up getting less service.

this is pretty ironic because in the end, you are paying more for less service.

fossilfern2891d ago

@ DualConsoleOwner you have got it 100% right!!!

Trizard2891d ago

Thats so true, its the reason why TF2 on the orange box on Xbox 360 never received the class updates (because M$ wanted for them to be dlc for $). XBLA is just to restricting which is also why no good mmo's are coming to Xbox like DC Universe.

Denethor_II2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

But teh cros gamez party chat!!!!!!!

I wonder if the cloud steam service will be for PSN Plus sunbs only?

Crystallis2891d ago

You hit it right on the head. So true.

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Spitfire_Riggz2891d ago

You hit the g spot there dual. Everything from online service to 3rd party accessories, I just bought a logitech wheel for GT5 and one of the FAQ was why it didnt work on the xbox. Turns out MS wants Logitech to pay them for the "privilege" of making a wheel for them. Of course logitech wont do that, in the end making arguably the best wheels only for ps3 and pc. Paying more for less...

egidem2891d ago

"We shipped Team Fortress 2 on PC and the Xbox. We shipped over 120 updates on the PC and we’ve shipped less than five on Xbox."

SERIOUSLY?!? Microsoft is absolutely greedy!...Less than 5? Microsoft really wants you to pay for everything. I have played Team Fortress 2 on PC and I can tell you it is absolutely fantastic. So many mods, weapon mods etc. and I've been thinking...if they ever came to the Xbox, how much would they all cost?!?

nycredude2891d ago

Did I just read that correctly. Portal 2 will support cross platform play between Ps3, PC and MAc? ANd you get both versions by buying the Ps3 version?

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Vherostar2891d ago

Cloud shift for saves is an AMAZING idea you can upload your save from PS3 and continue it on your laptop while out and about?? That AWESOME! We just need Sony to do an official cloud storage for protected saves now.

peeps2891d ago

Would be great if sony did offer their own cloud service. I know it wont be long before i eventually get a slim and will prob get a big hdd at the same time. Would be a lot easier if all my saves were online though

kneon2891d ago

That's the #1 feature I want for PSN. I don't care about cross game chat or any of that other crap. Just let me save my game to PSN and pick where I left off from any other PS3, or now in some cases even a PC.

Spydiggity2891d ago

so lemme get this straight...

if i buy portal 2 for ps3, i will also have it for PC?

Killa_Cobra_ST2891d ago

Yep, when you buy on PS3 you get it on PC for free :D

RBdrift2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

@Spydiggity @Killa_Cobra_ST

and don't forget Mac also.

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FrigidDARKNESS2892d ago

MS and XBL will lose big in the MMO gaming.

KILLERAPP2892d ago

MS has always chosen to keep their online part of their console very close. Epic said the same thing with the Unreal game but now that we have a huge game that will be vastly superior on the PS3 will MS finally react and open up there console or be behind Sony again and again…

jizzyjones2892d ago (Edited 2892d ago )

I doubt Microsoft will care, if they had cross-platform play LIVE prices would probably go up anyway.

DaCajun2891d ago

The sad thing is the fools will keep paying more for LIVE without blinking and eye.

I just create a new account(1 month free gold with new account) if I play and online game on my 360 because I can only take about 1 month at a time listen to all those retarded kids on there then I need to take a break. Plus M$ keeps sending me free 1 month gold subscriptions in the mail every once in a while. I would never pay for that crap when I get to play games for free online with Steam an PSN.