Videogamer: Yoostar 2 Preview

Videogamer: "In my final year of secondary school, a few like-minded chums and I thought it would be funny to audition for the Christmas production. It was Victor Hugo's Les Miserables that year, and I found myself assuming the role of not one, but four different characters, which really put to the test my versatility as a young actor. I received rave reviews for my portrayal of the fiery Foreman (my mate Sam said I was amazing). As Courfeyrac, a student of the revolution, I had surprised myself by reaching the vocal heights of several solos. My horny sailor was particularly entertaining for the ladies in the audience (I was the subject of much female attention at school afterwards). And my Mum really liked that one scene I did near the end as a waiter. Other than this admittedly diverse catalogue of work, however, I've had very little acting experience."

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