Microsoft Co. Won't Cut Price Of Xbox 360 In Japan

Tokyo, Japan (AHN) - The Japanese subsidiary of software giant Microsoft Corp. is not cutting the price of Xbox 360 video game console in Japan in the near future, Japan Today said on Tuesday.

Microsoft Co. executive officer and chief of the home and entertainment division, Takashi Sensui, ruled out the price cut despite the poor sales of the game machine in Japan.

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BIadestarX3836d ago

Smart move.. no point on subsidizing cost on a country that can care less about the games or the actually console when is not from Japan. Microsoft can drop the price to $200 and they wouldnt buy it. I think they still hold the nukes the US drop on them eventhough they pretend to be friends. Just keep a minimal level of presence in Japan in order to keep some Japanese games coming to the US... use the money on other contries that are not bias.

Maddens Raiders3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

close minded, racist, and codescending bile I've ever heard leak from your piehole. Then again, it's only natural with your mentality and blind loyalty to a fault.

Your theory is: Put horrible piece of hardware on the market in a country which moreover has placed a premium on electronic item manufacture for generations, and then announce that a price drop won't come , because they won't 'give in', and therefore need to be *punished* for acting too 'good'. (?) Incredible. 8|

_insane_cobra3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

Microsoft doesn't need to cut the price in Japan because it's already low. Only with recent American and European price cuts has the price in other territories approached the price of the console in Japan.

The Premium model retails for ¥38,200 which amounts to approximately $333. Core bundles are even cheaper, with the Eternal Sonata Core bundle selling for ¥24,800 ($215) and the Blue Dragon Core bundle selling for ¥28,900 ($251), and they come with copies of their respective games.

Lowering the price wouldn't necessarily produce the desirable effect as the price is obviously low enough already and Japanese people are not buying the console for different reasons. Quite the contrary, it could easily be perceived as an act of desperation and lower the worth of Xbox 360 in the eyes of potential Japanese customers even further.

EDIT: Now I see the article claims: "Microsoft Co. announced in July that it is selling Premium Xbox 360 for $240 and the Elite version for $390 in Japan." So it's possible the price is even lower than what I suggested.

Korosuke3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

Seriously, Who are you ? a whine racist ?
"Why they don't buy, maybe they hate us."
What a beautiful attitude. Really great logical thinking.

Poor sales performance in Japan is from horrible poor MS Japan's marketing strategy.
It's simple.
I don't know how MS push 360 in US, but in Japan, they do nothing.
I don't have any console right now even PS2.
And now I want to play EA SKATE so I went to game shop near my residence to get 360 last weekend.
Acctually I went three shops, but none of shops didn't deal 360 console.
MS Japan doesn't do any action even to push their products to retailers.

sonarus3835d ago

when was the last time you bought a game like dynasty warriors or blade storm or my summer vacation or essentially the kinda games that sell well in the japanese market. If you arent buying those why do you expect them to love halo and bioshock??. There are a couple of games that are loved by all regions e.g. Resident evil, final fantasy, metal gear solid e.t.c. Ipod does well in japan and its an american product so cease your racially oriented reasoning that creeps up simply because your pissed off xbox isnt selling well in Japan. IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH JAPANESE LOYALTY just accept it xbox just dosent have the games they need.

barom3835d ago

Don't be so close-minded and speculate on stuff that you don't know. First off the only place X360 is doing really well is the US market. Should we call the US "biased" now?

Another thing is this is all Microsoft's fault. They aren't even trying to get into the japanese market. Have you been there? Look around and you'll see nothing about the X360. No one KNOWS about it. In stores it's hiding in the back corner were no one can see it and shelf space is minimal.

Have MS actually tried to do something about the marketing there. I would probably agree with your statement. But no it's not because X360 is from an American company. It's because they don't know it exists.

Don't believe me? google some Sakaguchi interviews and you'll see

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Jdash243836d ago

thats a really bad marketing idea, they're already doing bad, and a price cut would help a bit

Cloud Strife3835d ago

i thought i have seen it all from the fanboys on this site but u sir are in need of a good doctor.dude u need to calm down. its just gaming consoles not world war 2.

DEADEND3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

That is a stupid idea for them right now that only game that is shown by MS that will sell in Japan is NG2, right now MS needs to cut the price of the 360 in Japan and try their very best to get one of these games on to the 360 if they hope to sell well there.

- Endless Crisis: Final Fantasy VII (PlayStation 3)
- Final Fantasy XIII (PlayStation 3)
- Final Fantasy Versus XIII (PlayStation 3)
- Kingdom Hearts (temporary title) (PlayStation 3)
- Star Ocean 4 (PlayStation 3)

If MS can get there hands on one of these games not only will they sell in Japan but they might be able to double their numbers world wide with the help of HALO 3 side by side with one of these games.

_insane_cobra3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

The exclusive Gundam game will sell, Lost Odyssey will sell, Infinite Undiscovery will sell, Ace Combat 6 will sell. But sure, Microsoft could definitely benefit from more high profile titles.

By the way, of the games you listed only FFXIII and FF Vs XIII are confirmed. SO4 will probably also come to the PS3 (although not necessarily exclusively), but the other two are just rumors.

In my opinion, Microsoft should've moneyhatted Monster Hunter 3 or the next Kingdom Hearts game. I doubt they did, but we'll see.

DEADEND3835d ago

Your right those games you mentioned will sell in Japan but will they move consoles that's the question and when you think about it I don't think they will so that will be a problem. Look at BLUE DRAGON did that move console in Japan for MS(hell no it didn't) and those games are more on the line for PS3 owners(Gundam, Ace Combat 6) so they will sell for the PS3 way more then the 360 and if they do sell it will be to people who already have a 360 in Japan.

And as far as those exclusive that the PS3 has in terms of RPG's the only game I can say that will go to the 360 is Monster Hunter 3, simply because it's from CAPCOM and they are going multi-platform with all most all their games. But when it comes to SQUIRE ENIX games like(Endless Crisis: Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy Versus XIII, Kingdom Hearts, and Star Ocean 4) good luck with that MS because SONY will not let them go no matter what, they will do whatever it takes to keep those games even if they have to drop the price of the PS3 to $300 early next which they will some time in Q2 08. SONY owns 15% of SQUARE ENIX so they have a big say in wither they will let them release any of those game to MS but I think the 360 will get at least one of those FF games(lets hope so 360 owners).

jackdoe3835d ago

If MS put out cash for the next KH game they would have announced it at their pre-tgs show. Anyway, don't think Gundam Musou would make that much of an impact. It didn't when it came out for the PS3.

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