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New Final Fantasy Versus XIII trailer

Check out a new trailer for Final Fantasy Versus XIII. (Final Fantasy XV, PS3)

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redwolf  +   1683d ago
this is the real deal
Cyrax_87  +   1683d ago
I like how you can use the environment in battle to your advantage, game's looking great so far.
blitz0623  +   1683d ago
Nice... reminds me of Kingdom Hearts and Crisis Core combined. Graphics are... incredible.

But the truth is everything we see here is similar to what we saw in XIII until the first review came in and talked about linearity. I hope they release sometime in the future a trailer that guarantees this won't be linear and all the stuff that made XIII terrible
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FarEastOrient  +   1683d ago
Now this looks like a Final Fantasy Game! Bring back the power of Square Soft, Square Enix we know you have some where hidden.
Dragun619  +   1683d ago
Holy sheit, Finally, some new Footage and gameplay for Versus XIII. If I was there at the event, I would have of clapped the hell out this at the end of the trailer especially since I feel that SE's quality has dropped a lot since it's PS1&2 days. It actually looked like a Final Fantasy game that looked epic and one that I can imagine myself enjoying.

Now where's the release date?
midgard227  +   1683d ago
square-soft is left sleeping remnant inside tetsuya nomura, and with this game the beast is awakening from its long slumber!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ff13zero, verus and 13-2 I CANNOT WAIT!
badz149  +   1683d ago
this has me interested again!
looks good and reminds me a lot of KH! as long as it's not a corridor RPG, I think I'm in. I'll look close into this until release and hope that is will deliver! this year hopefully
ComboBreaker  +   1683d ago
I haven't been wowed by the FMV of any FF ever since FF8.
I remembered, playin FF8, half of the fun comes from seeing the incredible FMV.

But, holy sh*t!!! That's some incredible FMV in Versus! It's unlike the FMV in 13. 13 didn't wow me like at all.

Modern day Japan-like city. Badass bosses. Badass characters. Kingdom Heart like gameplay. This is going to be the sh*t.
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Bhai  +   1683d ago
Physics people PHYSICS!!!
rigid body furniture realistic behaviour DAMN man, and interactive water physics(watch ripples generating)... hurray!!!
ALFAxD_CENTAURO  +   1683d ago
Nomura later commented, in an interview conducted via Twitter, that players will be able to control an airship around the world map.

The game will feature large open fields which allow players to walk through almost anything on the field apart from the mountains. Nomura has also mentioned that the fields are truly vast and that it was very far to traverse from one end to another;[12] thus, to facilitate easy navigation, the game will feature the return of vehicles such as an airship[13] as well as a car, allowing players to easily traverse the large fields.[12]

Battles will take place in real-time environments using all regions of the field, from up high buildings to down low streets. Nomura said that the game will feature battles that take place in areas with great differences in height, as shown in the trailer, and the players will have to fight using the full environment. This means fighting what's in front, as well as above and below (vertical battles).[14]

One of the trailers show Noctis selecting from a number of different weapons to defeat the enemy soldiers in front of him. The various weapons in the game will have different methods of attack, and some will even be usable as shields to go along with Noctis's crystal power. Weapons will have some sort of customization element as well. The trailer also showed Noctis warping around killing enemies. Nomura explained that players won't be able to warp freely to every spot but will be able to warp to the location where the sword is placed. This is one area that is being tested on so it's a matter of time to see if this all makes it into the final product. Summon beasts are in the game and will have to be defeated to be used. Nomura has also said that the game will have Sixaxis support but has given no specifics about it

- Wikipedia

guitarded77  +   1683d ago
So we know there are towns, open map, airships, etc. but does anyone know if there is any info on NPCs to talk to and get side quests from and if there will be store fronts to make purchases in the towns (unlike the save point storefront in 13). Just curious... I haven't heard anything.
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SasanovaS1987  +   1683d ago
i....am impressed.
ThanatosDMC  +   1683d ago
Finally a true FF game... unless we get SE shafted again.
rockleex  +   1683d ago
Can I say inspired by Uncharted 2 during some of those gameplay sequences?

By the way, the FMV looks... so... REAL!!! @_@
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Denethor_II  +   1683d ago
"Finally a true FF game... unless we get SE shafted again. "

Lets hope SE lube up first because that would be one hell of a shafting.
DORMIN  +   1683d ago
That was spectacular! Why is this called 13-VS? This should be FF15.

I got the same chills from this video from when I first saw the FF7 trailer
HolyOrangeCows  +   1683d ago
WOAH!!! ....it actually HAS combat now :P
As opposed to semi-interactive cutscenes.
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fossilfern  +   1683d ago
I just jizzed
deafwing  +   1683d ago
SE can only go wrong now; the path is righteous so far.
Whitefox789  +   1683d ago

Don't you remember the other trailer that came out? That showed Noctis walking around Jumping and then he fought the Behmoth? In Famitsu they had a FAQ with Nomura where he said, "If you can see it, you can walk to it." Not to mention he said their will be a world map with vehicles and airships.
doa766  +   1682d ago
let's hope it stays PS3 exclusive, the notion of a 360 version gimping down this game is almost blaphemy
Cloudberry  +   1683d ago
A b s o l u t e l y
s i c k . . .
Xwow2008  +   1683d ago
The GFX,the music and Gameplay all just WOW.
Simon_Brezhnev  +   1683d ago
This is now my most anticipated game. I love this damn trailer cant wait for a HD version. This trailer makes FF13-2 looks absolutely stupid.
clank543  +   1683d ago
Its too bad it has 13 in the title. They should have just called it FF Versus or FF Versus Reality or something.
PHOSADRA  +   1683d ago
Too Bad I Don't Know Japanese
I bet they're saying some pretty Epic stuff while they're fighting O.O
40cal  +   1683d ago
Hell yeah that was sick. This is how you do a game for your fans.
GiggMan  +   1683d ago
I asked myself the same question. A FFv13 trailer out of nowhere today...
crxss  +   1683d ago
Game's going to be so effing amazing! Can't wait!!
Turkish   1683d ago | Spam
arika  +   1683d ago
Simply amazing! I was blown away by that clip! This is the game that will bring back Square Enix on the map of greatness!
karl  +   1683d ago
i really hope for that..

if they succeed that will show them what dedication and quality can do for them

and not all those rushout products that they have been releasing lately

now.. the graphics.. just wow!!!! that scene with stella look so much better than the last time we saw it...

and the clothes .. damn it looks fantastic, the explotions are amazing aswell
Rage_S90  +   1683d ago
Game of The Year
tablav  +   1683d ago
I agree...but what year?
FarEastOrient  +   1683d ago
Release date December 21 2012 ^_^ lol
Commander_TK  +   1683d ago

I guess I have to beat it b4 we all die then.
DigitalAnalog  +   1683d ago
What happened was, Nomrua dropped development as soon as it was slated to be multiplat. It was originally intended to be an open-world game to begin with and since this game is run under him, we can be rest assured all promises on FFXIII should be applied here.

-End of line
Otheros00  +   1683d ago
Nomura only design the characters for xiii. He was never in charge of xiii but versus xiii.
RedDead  +   1683d ago
Interpreting the Forest bit where the kid runs up to his dad, must be Noctis Almost dying, that's what they have oto do to get powers, his dad might have put him in that state :)

Also at the end, the two old men, the kings assassination, Noctis dad dies ;)

Noct looks Very japanese now too
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Clarence  +   1683d ago
My god if this game comes out this year! I hope M$ has something up their sleeve. Sony is definitely not playing around.
Crystallis  +   1683d ago
I think they will release it late this year in Japan and summer in the states in 2012 hopefully.

By the way did you see when they arrived at the toll booth? I know its CG but it looked damn like real life. I need this game now.
Myze  +   1683d ago
Obviously it could be out the window now, but they stated a while (long while now) back that the game would get a worldwide release date. Hopefully that will still hold true, and hopefully by the end of this year.

Anyway, glad to see they have been working, because the game looks great in graphics, intensity and size. Also, the gameplay looks to be incredibly varied, which is a nice touch (as long as it all works well).
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Crystallis  +   1683d ago
Now this is a true Final Fantasy from what i'm seeing so far.
doG_beLIEfs  +   1683d ago
Ladies and gentlemen....Tetsuya Nomura and Sony presents you the Final Fantasy by the PS3, of the PS3, and FOR the PS3.

If this does not tell you that FF13 was dumbed down considerably for the 360....then there is no hope for you.

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baodeus  +   1682d ago
so what happen if this go multiplatform? Would you take back your word? And i don't think you have any clue of what available on x360 to make such comment. Haven't u learn anything from FF13? You might jump off the roof or something if that does happen. Control yourself man, jeez.

Games look good though, hopefully we get to see more.
MariaHelFutura  +   1683d ago
That`s one of the best thing I`ve ever seen in my life. This has potential to be my favorite RPG of all time.
Stempel  +   1683d ago
Eyeco  +   1683d ago
the graphics in that pre rendered scene were AMAZING!!!
yoshiro  +   1683d ago
want want want want.
looks incredible ... I want to see more soon
fatstarr  +   1683d ago
DAY 1 Exclusive.
hopefully SE wont eff it up.
but that might be wishing for too much
iamtehpwn  +   1683d ago
Look at the scene where Noctis and Stella are talking. This is confirmed Real time as we've seen this trailer before in real time. Compare this to the original trailer.

The original was on par with Final Fantasy XIII. But the graphics now are outstanding. Look at the quality of the skin and hair, and the beautiful Lighting. Miles beyond XIII and the original Versus XIII real time showing. Not to mention, Nomura confirmed, what we're seeing is an older build before major graphics update! This is only possible on PS3.
gam3fr33k  +   1683d ago
seriously? why are they even bothering putting resources into ff13-2? what's worse is 13-2 is coming out this year instead of this...year's still early though, hopefully we get a release date
Prototype  +   1682d ago
Look its L from Death Note, and hes still alive :O

I'm amped to play this now, this is how 13 should have been, day 1 for me
CryWolf  +   1682d ago
I'm impressed!!!
Now! this is what I call a Final Fantasy game why couldn't FFXIII be like this the real NEXT-GEN Final Fantasy experience.
garos82  +   1682d ago
video not working for me. anyone can help please?

tried a variety of browsers but it keeps showing me on the you tube link
"this video contains content from square enix, who has blocked it on copyright grounds"

this so bloody annoying its a f***en TRAILER to a game im considering to buy how the hell is that breaching copyright?
fanboi hater  +   1682d ago
And this is why I love Nomura.
KH gameplay ftw
visualb  +   1682d ago
im no FF fan

but this wowed me

day one if it turns out as good as I hope it does.
showtimefolks  +   1682d ago
i am not a ff fan and yet i can't waite for this game
real time battle system
open world
hopefully great story
great graphics

dkblackhawk50  +   1683d ago
I think Japan just woke up today...so many videos >.>
redDevil87  +   1683d ago
Maybe the JPRG genre just got hit by a shot of adrenaline. Hopefully this is one of many others to come.

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infamous-butcher  +   1683d ago
This looks nothing like a JRPG. It looks more like a DMC.
Zorda2097  +   1683d ago
Well if it is even a little bit like DMC then it helps us get over DMC5 :)
blackpanther25  +   1683d ago
obviously someone here hasn't played kingdom hearts or crisis core cause it looks exactly like those two games combined
Snake-eater  +   1683d ago
the gameplay clip looks amazing unlike any other FF game
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PirateThom  +   1683d ago
This looks.... awesome.
Ashriel  +   1683d ago
Holy Shit! O_O
maverick40  +   1683d ago
BOOOOOOM!!!!This is what we wanted!
j-blaze  +   1683d ago
looks damn stunning !!
Tetsuya Nomura is a freaking GENIUS!
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theonlylolking  +   1683d ago
Now that they have the story and gameplay down they can start working on the ingame graphics.
Sitris  +   1683d ago

Can't wait, so much awesome FF news today! YAY!
ForzaGT  +   1683d ago
oh my fcking god, that is AWESOME !!!
xgatz  +   1683d ago
dammmmnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn nnnnnn
RedDead  +   1683d ago
Dammit, graphics look great, especially since it's at that stage(or so they say) completely unpolished. May I say Stella looks quite a bit sexier than before. Gameplay is impressive finally. Love the way it's all action too.

Lol at names, Gladmolus, and Ignis hahaha

didn't think Noctis would have such a deep voice
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Michael-Jackson  +   1683d ago
Looks amazing! Finally real gameplay.

I can't say that I'm surprised with the 3rd person shooting mechanic that was added.
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SnakeMustDie  +   1683d ago
Versus > FFXIII-2. Versus' gameplay is what Dragon Age should have been. Intense and epic fights with a bit of spellcasting and strategy. Also, it looks like it also plays like DA since you can control your teammates in realtime like that shotgun guy aiming.

We can all agree that Versus is miles better than XIII and XIII-2.
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Neckbear  +   1683d ago
I don't even like Final Fantasy, but holy fuck, not even *I* can deny that it doesn't looks freakin' awesome.

At least gameplay-wise. Kingdom Hearts: Grimdark Uncharted Edition? COUNT ME IN!
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Troll-without-Bridge  +   1683d ago
So... square enx sucks hum?

In your face bitches =p
MaideninBlack  +   1683d ago
SE sucks. Nomura owns!
Troll-without-Bridge  +   1683d ago
Yes, saying that he is doing the game alone is a very smart thing to do.

Honestly, get real.
Da One  +   1683d ago
He and his team KH Team have practically been what's keeping the FF brand alive.

Dissidia.....He also pushed square to make the sequal
Dissidia 012 see above
KH series
TWEWY....highest rated game square has created this gen

Nomura/Team KH has constantly gotten pulled away from Versus, one year during a point of FFXIII development, that means one year of no Versus development.

:( Not like SE will pull people away from there other projects to help Team KH with Versus
iamtehpwn  +   1683d ago
@Da one
Nomura is also the one that pushed Versus XIII to stay PS3 exclusive---thank GOD.
PshycoNinja  +   1683d ago
@Da One

That's what pisses me off. Nomura and his team go out of their way and help other teams at square so they can get games out quicker which in turn delays Versus XIII, but the other teams won't help out Nomura and the KH Team cause they are "busy" working on a sequal to one of the worst Final Fantasy's. The XIII team are a bunch of self serving bastards that cant even take time out to help move along Versus XIII development.

Hey Square here's an idea why don't you finish Versus and Type-0(Agito) before anouncing another terrible FFXII game. I think people will be more than happy to wait for XIII-2 while you finish up Versus XIII.
MajestieBeast  +   1683d ago
Looks very good they should focus getting this game finished instead of working on ff13-1.5
Phusion8  +   1683d ago
I'm pretty sure it's a different team working on XIII-2
Shane Kim  +   1683d ago
I really liked FF13, but this seems to be the real sh!t. Can't wait.
Hellsvacancy  +   1683d ago
I was thinkin on buyin FF13 after i finish White Knight Chronicles, i was very critical of FF13 when i FIRST saw it (not when it went multiplat) it looked FAAAAR to girlie for my likin, well, the characters in WKC are really girlie so i shouldnt hav a problem with FF13, ive seen it mega cheap aswel so ill probably pick it up weekend
PshycoNinja  +   1683d ago
When they announced XIII and Versus XIII together I said the same thing. Plus Nomura was working on Versus, the very guy that made one of my favorite series of all time, Kingdom Hearts. When XIII went multi I didnt care because I didnt really want it. I am still suprised that Versus hasn't come out yet. I am way more pumped for this game than anything else in the XIII series.
DigitalAnalog  +   1683d ago
Don't buy WKC. It's rumored that WKCII would come with the original game in itself.

-End of Line
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Serinous  +   1683d ago
any translations? haha looks awesome
ApexHell  +   1683d ago
oh my god!!!!!!
plb  +   1683d ago
woah..I WANT NOW!
redDevil87  +   1683d ago
Game looks sik, soundtrack sounds amazing.
#21 (Edited 1683d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
McLuvn  +   1683d ago
I smell
holdmedownma2008  +   1683d ago
All we need now is an release date. Please Square, please confirm this title is coming out this year.
nix  +   1683d ago
good. but looks very cut-and-paste thingy. specially the missing dialogues. why can't they just piece together a nice story mode trailer (like the KZ3 one) showing gameplay, if possible, which would have made the trailer look even more epic. urm.. like the previous one.

having said that, i'm obviously getting the game.

EDIT: @Kluv (below): let's hope so. at least should have separated the gameplay and the CG. at least.
#23 (Edited 1683d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Kluv  +   1683d ago
The thing is, those uber-epic hollywood style trailers aren't that big in Japan, alot of their trailers are like that, cut and paste with very random sequences. I'm sure when they release the first american official trailer they will make it more streamlined for us.
jaosobno  +   1683d ago
Fucking brilliant!
infamous-butcher  +   1683d ago
Realy?? Brilliant?? Did I just watch a different video than everyone else? The only thing I seen was a hack n' slash. WTF happened to the battle system. I thought this was ment to be a Final Fantasy game not a DMC game.

I was looking forward to seeing a more traditional FF game but will I have to get that from FF XIII-2? Like FFS SE ever since XIII came out vs-XIII was ment to be the real FF XIII but then you screw it up like you did XIII.
jaosobno  +   1683d ago
"Did I just watch a different video than everyone else?"

Apparently you have. I saw a brilliant, evolved game as most people did.

Battle system was never the thing that made FF games special. What made it special was the very game world, the way it was presented to players, and the (epic) story it told us.

If the only thing you were looking for was more of the same, I suggest you play FFXIII (or as I like to call it Neutered Fantasy XIII.
silvacrest  +   1683d ago
if you still, (and i mean this with emphasis) STILL want turn based combat stick to the game in your avatar and its sequel

versus is an evolution to the traditional RPG combat system that i welcome, turn based combat had its time in the sun, time to move on

the tales series has gone the action route with positive results so again, i welcome this....looks awesome
infamous-butcher  +   1683d ago
"Brilliant evolved game"

**Visually brilliant hack and slash game that resembls nothing of a Final Famtasy game.**

Fixed that for you there.

The battle system was still a part of FF that made it different from the RPG's of the west, But now thats gone. Its just a hack and slash.

BTW XIII was not more of the same in FF. It was a watered down FF game from the get go.

I didnt see a Final Fantasy game, I saw a DMC/Bayoneta/GoW/Castlevania there.
infamous-butcher  +   1683d ago
You seem to think I love XIII. I dont. I havnt changed my avitar since I made an account. Before XIII was revealed to be a watered down FF game.
Yea so what if I want a variation of the turn based battle system or the ATB system. I would rather have that than have a shitty hack and slash battle system.
iMaim  +   1683d ago
I recall they said that the gameplay is more reminiscent to the Kingdom Heart series years ago. It was never meant to play out with an ATB bar or some sort.
Viper7  +   1683d ago
But I like hack and slash games, and this is a spinoff.
After playing trough KH2 I had hoped for a similar game in full Final fantasy setting and... Versus seems to be just that!

KH2 with all those special form and limit breaks where really nice. Too bad KH2 was a bit too easy.
#24.1.6 (Edited 1683d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(1) | Report
DeathMetal1474  +   1682d ago
it's a PS3 exclusive the fanboys on here will say it looks better than any game ever even if it sucks.
Optical_Matrix  +   1683d ago
Anyone else get a cinematic vibe from the battles and everything. There's a LOT going on on screen and the transitions from gameplay to cutscenes and from cutscenes to gameplay seems smooth. This! Is the kind of Final Fantasy game I've been expecting of this generation. FFXIII was almost there, but lacked things. Can't wait for this and XIII-2!

Also the graphics are superb. And the game is probably not out until 2012 so a lot of polish can be done between now and then I'm sure. Excitement!
elda  +   1683d ago
Looking good!!! Final Fantasy action style......grand & epic!!
DigitalAnalog  +   1683d ago
"It pisses me off knowing THIS is the guy that was originally supposed to oversee the development of FFXIII".

The trailer...

justified everything. PERIOD.

-End of line
Arnagrim  +   1683d ago
Freaking Epic.
It's like Kingdom Hearts; but for adults.
Hopefully, unlike Kingdom Hearts, they can give the game a plot that can remain consistent.
rdgneoz3  +   1683d ago
Hoping they have the option for the original voice actors and not just dubbed only. Thought I recognized a bunch of voices from various animes and such.
Eamon  +   1683d ago
In Japan, voice actors are kinda like celebrities because the anime industry is bigger than their movie industry really.
AllroundGamer  +   1683d ago
well this was nice, but i would still rather see a FF7 remake with turnbase battles :(
specialguest  +   1683d ago
Remember that FF7 PS3 tech demo?
Yeah, I watached it again since the last time I first saw it about 4 years ago. That tech demo was bitter-sweet, because it showed us how a FF7 remake could look like, yet it was just a huge tease which set forth several years of false hope.
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