Final Fantasy XIII-2 images, art released

The first - rather small - Final Fantasy XIII-2 screenshot and artwork has arrived, following this morning's announcement.

The RPG sequel is planned for release on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 this year, and is being directed by FFXIII head Motomu Toriyama.

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yogaflame2884d ago

wow they are cashing in on the worse FF ever

Arnon2884d ago

It's not the worst. I'd give that to Final Fantasy XIV, but it sure as hell doesn't need a sequel.

Hozi892884d ago (Edited 2884d ago )

I didn't finish FFXIII because I hated the linearity but I might as well play it through since it's gonna be awhile before I see another Final Fantasy without the "XIII" at the end.

I must admit though. Lightning is lookings pretty sexy in her new outfit.

RedDead2884d ago

Well, Type 0 is coming out summer, in japan anyway, I would say it'll be out over here before FFXIII-2

Kon2884d ago

If this is abnormally better than XIII i might consider

Lamarthedancer2884d ago

I remember a time where all of us used to get excited for the next Final Fantasy game :(

Kon2884d ago

Good times man, good times...

yogaflame2884d ago

Gone are those days. those days are gone forever since most of there best talents like Sakaguchi, Amano, etc, are gone and Square is more on Money than quality than in the past

skip2mylou2884d ago

i swear to god if this is finished b4 vs13 and kh3 imma be soooooooooooo mad

Foxgod2884d ago

Go mad then, 13-2 comes this year, KH3 and vs13 dont.

Jack-Pyro2884d ago

lol, u mad?

.....wait....yes....u mad.

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